It was so nice to meet you in person at your event the other day.  I resonated with so very much of what you were saying!  You have a gift and it is a blessing to all those who are fortunate enough to come in contact with it.  I hope to see you again soon at another event.  If there is ever anything I can do to support you please let me know.  Blessings

With gratitude, Kristin Brenkus, St.Augustine
Women’s Empowerment Coach
CTA Certified Coach

Dear Laura,
Thank you, so much for giving your time to us this past Tuesday. Your words deeply touched me and resonated with me. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t read anything about what I was going into that night. I had no expectations. But everything you shared was what I needed to hear. I have started back on my path to finding whole body balance. I have three kids and had to jet back home to be with them on Tuesday night. I wish I could have thanked you more.

Annie Otto, St.Augustine

Loved it! Thank you for your wisdom Laura.
I enjoyed meeting all of you!
These encounters are part of the healing for me.
Just to connect and share is so powerful.
Thank you…
I look forward to more meeting ups! -Robin Hines, St.Augustine

Was awesome Laura! Thank you for all your insight on Karma and so much more. Each person added so much to the group for you to expand on, so interesting. Love hearing the like minded stories and learning techniques to work on for keeping body and mind in alignment and nourished! Ladies, it was such a pleasure to meet you all and look forward to seeing you in future meetups with Laura.

– Marsha Blew, St. Augustine

It was such a pleasure to meet you Laura! You are such an inspiration. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Ladies, it was nice to meet you all

– Denise, St.Augustine

 I had such a great time, being in the presence of wonderful people, and discussing important topics. It was a very healing night, full of good energy. Very much looking forward to another event like this! 

Kristie Anne, NYC

 Great meetup, amazing company and interesting topics. 

dorota, NYC

Laura’s workshops contain so spiritual the energy stays with you for months 

Bob, NYC

 Warm, Friendly, Open-Minded Group. Very thorough/ excellent explanation of the chakras and how imbalances can affect your life 


 It was such a good class we literally did not leave. Although you called the healing a “demo”, it was quite informative and I learned quite a bit. In fact, I reviewed my notes this morning and plan to purchase some products that will help me along in this learning process. Thanks again to you and everyone in the workshop. We had great energy together. 

Claudia, NYC

 I had a great time, learned a lot information regarding crystals and blocked chakras. I was also given information on how to heal and unblock closed charkas. The meeting was very informative, and I will attend another meetup. 

Rene Kelly, NYC

 Laura did a great job leading the group. responding to where people were and also introducing new concepts to us. 

Elaine Seiler, NYC

 Laura is really knowledgeable and down to earth. If you go to one of her workshops, you’ll come out not only learning new information, but feeling optimistic about improving your life, whether it be on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. So if you are serious about working on self-development, this is a great group to join. 

Andrea, NYC

 Laura is warm, friendly and fun to work with. She is eager to share her knowledge and experiences to help others discover their inner psychic. Looking forward to attending her future workshops! 

Christine, NYC

 I loved it! I believe I’ll learn a lot in this workshop! 

Mercy Greene, NYC

 If I had to describe these meet ups by Laura, with one word, AWESOME!; It was interesting, fun, It was an intimate group. Looking forward to learning more. 


 Wonderful group and teacher thank you again 

Michelle Dee,NYC

 I attended my first class last night and found Laura to be a great teacher/healer… she really brought across the energy of the topic she was teaching! 


 Spiritual Transitions is an awesome group, a meet up that I always look forward to attending. I always learn something new and feel empowered. Information is presented in an easy to follow and understand format. Laura is very honest and real. She is always kind enough to answer questions after the meet up, which I think is really nice. Laura has made a huge difference in my life and these classes are a perfect way to check in and keep me on task! Thank you! 

Angela, NYC

 The Root Chakra workshop: This was a great first Meetup experience. Laura present the root chakra imbalances in a direct, simple manner. She offered REALISTIC (not overwhelming) balancing techniques. Can’t wait to attend the other workshops. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us! 

Tacey, NYC

 Great class! See you soon. 

Alexa Rivera, NYC

 the Aprill 9th event was greatly organized and how Laura gave each person a chance to describe himself and his spiritual level and discussing different daily social and spiritual topics. At the same time, i am so happy about the special spiritual people who attended today and their observations , really i learned a lot.

Fady, NYC


Justin Sands, NYC

 I had such a great time with all of you tonight! Thank you for coming tonight =^.^=. I can’t wait to see you again soon! 

Colleen McCartney, NYC

 Thanks for a great meet up group Laura. Spiritual Transitions was very informative, enlightening and empowering! I can’t wait to attend future ones. Chakra System workshop was great. I’m looking forward to the up-coming meet ups. The material covered was so helpful. Laura makes it really easy to understand and is always more than willing to answer any questions! 

Lisa, NYC

 very interesting and very lively. Thank you Laura for your insight. 

Gianni Zhinin, NYC

 This was my first meet up and what a great experience. Laura is a wealth of knowledge and very insightful. She along with the topic left me with a greater understanding of spirit but also with a yearning to learn more. Can’t wait for the next class! Thanks so much. 

Christina, NYC

 I continue to learn from Laura’s teaching. Enjoying connecting with other attendees.
__ Marie, St. Augustine, Fl

I enjoyed meeting Laura and everyone at this get to gather.
Something I needed came to light. Thanks.

__ John. St.Augustine,FL