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Meet Laura Schwalm, Pure Energy Healer & Master Psychic

Laura Schwalm is a Master Psychic Healer, Medium, Certified Health Coach, Author, T.V. Host, World Speaker, and Educator. She has over twenty-seven years of experience in helping individuals heal the effects of psychological trauma, find their soul’s purpose, and offered psychic and mediumistic readings to thousands of people worldwide.  She is the creator of the Psychic Soul Healing Oracle system, and the author of Healing the Effects of Psychic Trauma, The Christian Metaphysical Healing Book, and The Psychic Soul Healing Oracle Workbook. In her healing practice, Laura incorporates holistic and spiritual practices to heal and balance the mind, body, and soul. She has been called “Laura, the Voice of Truth” by many of her clients for both her accuracy and her authenticity.
Laura is also certified by The American Association of Drugless Practitioners and is a 2010 graduate of Om Wellness in addition to being a metaphysical speaker.  With experience in multiple locations around the United States and a worldwide presence, Laura has coached people from all walks of life for over 18 years. She currently practices in St. Augustine, FL, and New York, NY. Laura helps incorporate the healing process by educating individuals about their Psychic Soul Wounds, known as psychological blocks. She heals through understanding spiritual scriptures that are found in the Bible as well as the universal and metaphysical laws, in concert with holistic health coaching. Laura performs many different holistic and spiritual services, but her specialty resides in Soul Readings and Emotional Imprint Clearing. She has made it her sole purpose to awaken and heal as many individuals as possible to their true purpose. 

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