Master Psychic Healer, Laura Schwalm is a modern day spiritualist who is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, psychic medium, master healer, wellness lifestyle coach and metaphysical speaker and educator. After suffering a lifetime of physical ailments such as asthma, kidney stones, allergies, digestion problems, anxiety, nicotine addiction, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, low self esteem, brain fog and memory issues, Laura has overcome them all. She has learned to balance her physical, mental and spiritual well-being to create an enriched, satisfied life. And now she wants to do the same for you.
Laura uses the information she has learned through her own personal experiences, along with several scientifically proven healing modalities and specialized coursework, to help clients work through their health and spiritual challenges. She has been blessed with many gifts such as clairvoyance, tactic knowing, empathy, and channeling. Laura is grateful to be able to help people heal their physical, mental and emotional imbalances so they can manifest their fullest life.
Laura Schwalm’s soul’s purpose is to awaken and help heal as many individuals to their true potential as possible.
For more information about holistic health education,workshop or coaching enrollment, payment plans, and schedules, please call 917-359-0588.
Too enjoy podcasts of past radio shows by searching “Laura Schwalm radio shows” on online or by looking up “Laura the Voice of Truth” on iTunes. or blog talk radio at www.blogtalk.com/lauraschwalm
Too join Laura’s Holistic and Spiritual workshops please go to www.meetup.com/holistic-and-spiritual-transitions/ . Too book a psychic reading pureenergyhealer.com for web readings