Healing with Laura – The Voice of Truth

Holistic Healing and Spiritual Counseling has gained tremendous popularity in recent years for very good reason. People are living longer, but far more stressful lives. If you are struggling with anxiety, hormonal imbalances, digestion problems, allergies or depression, holistic healing and spiritual counseling should be an integral part of your life. These ailments are just a few of many that can be treated with these practices.


Why Laura?

With such a growing demand there are many practitioners available. So why choose Laura? If you were making a difficult journey to a foreign place, you might very well hire a guide to show you the way. It’s always better to travel to an unfamiliar place with someone who has been there.

After suffering a lifetime of physical ailments such as asthma, allergies, digestion problems, anxiety and nicotine addiction, Laura has overcome them all. She has learned to balance her physical, mental and spiritual well-being to create an enriched, satisfied
life. And now she wants to do the same for you.

Laura focuses on helping her clients boost their immune system and energy with specialized diets in tune with their specific make up. By using spiritual and physical healing techniques, Laura will help you achieve optimum balance. You will empower yourself to take charge of your own health.

Services Available

Laura offers a wide variety of services to help you achieve mental, physical and spiritual balance in your life. All plans include:

  • Two meetings per month either in person or by telephone
  • Unlimited email support
  • Handouts, newsletters and invitations to upcoming seminars and lectures
  • Lending access to Laura’s holistic healing library
  • Soul psychic reading monthly, and intuitive guidance regularly

For those new to holistic healing, the Basic Plan is perfect for you.

For $165/month, the basic plan includes:

  • Goal setting
  • Health and Nutrition Counseling/lifestyle wellness conditioning
  • Bi-monthly healing with Reiki, crystals
  • 1.5 hour psychic soul reading
  • Emotional release raindrop technique with Living well oils

For $250/month, Lauras Intermediate Plan includes everything in the Basic Plan and:

  • Food Samples and holistic cooking demo’s
  • CDs and DVDs on: healing, meditation, holistic health, lifestyle conditioning, Modern Spirituality
  • two meetings each month, either in person or telephone
  • soul psychic reading
  • Emotional clearing (distant or in person)
  • Chakra balancing (in person with crystals)
  • Intuitive counseling (in person, skype or phone

Those of you looking to make a true lifestyle change, will want to take advantage of the Advanced Plan.

For $375/month, it includes everything above and:

  • Complimentary membership to Club Project Health, a Holistic and Spiritual registered Mastermind Club
  • Weekly holistic health coaching
  • Food allergy testing
  • Tailored diet for your individual body make up
  • Special Nervous System Health
  • Proper Detox support
  • Private cooking and pantry planning
  • Personalized tour of a health food store to shop and plan
  • One hour spiritual advising and soul reading
  • Emotional clearing with rain drop detox technique (living well oils used)
  • 5 Healings to you and/or any other member of your family
  • One house clearing with sage
  • Access to all Laura’s on line classes when you enroll in 6 month coaching
  • Intuitive counseling by phone or skype weekly
  • In person bi weekly chakra balancing with crystals

Also available is Lauras very special Spiritual IndulgentExperience for $450.

  • Includes everything in the Advanced Plan Package and:
  • Discounts on any spiritual reading
  • 1 hour session of intuitive counseling
  • 2 additional healings of your choice
  • Workshops on your specific makeup