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Psychic Healing Arts Fair

Spiritual evolution is taking place, causing a shift in consciousness. This internal metamorphous is the beginning of a new age of enlightenment. Each psychic healing arts fair presents a variety of psychics, healers, artists, vendors, and speakers.

Learn from inspiring spiritual-speakers and educators on various Holistic & Spiritual topics.

Experience different healing practitioners to gain new insights into alternative healing. Or book a psychic reading from one of our exceptionally gifted advisors.

There will be card readers, tarot readers, psychic readers, astrology readers, tea leaf readers, numerology readers, Kabbalah readers, Akashic recorded readers, and crystal readers. Guaranteed, there will be a spiritual seer for everyone!

Our vendors offer an extensive selection of healthy products and services that support a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The psychic healing arts fair provides a platform for alternative practitioners, psychics, healers, speakers, educators, and vendors, to educate and serve people about holistic, spiritual, and alternative healing modalities in the Metropolitan New York City area.

Enjoy a fun-filled day with like-minded people!

Do you have talents you can bring to the fair? Send Laura a message today!

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