A spiritual evolution is taking place, one which is causing a shift in consciousness.

This internal metamorphous is the beginning of a new age of enlightenment. Each psychic healing arts fair presents a variety of psychics, healers, artists, vendors, and speakers.

Learn from inspiring spiritual speakers and educators on a wide variety of Holistic and Spiritual Topics.

Experience different healing practitioners to gain new insights into alternative healing. Or book a psychic reading from one of our exceptionally gifted advisors.

There will be card readers, tarot readers, psychic readers, astrology readers, tea leaf readers, numerology readers, Kabbalah readers, Akashic recorded readers, and crystal readers. Guaranteed, there will be a spiritual seer for everyone!

Our vendors offer an extensive selection of healthy products and services that support a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The psychic healing arts fairs provides a platform for alternative practitioners, psychics, healers, speakers, educators, and vendors,  to educate and serve people about holistic, spiritual, and alternative healing modalities in the Metropolitan New York City area.

Enjoy a fun filled day with like minded people!

About the Organizer

Laura Schwalm has over twenty five years experience as a Master Psychic Healer, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and metaphysical and spiritual speaker and educator. She has helped people all over the world heal and balance their body, mind, and spirit with holistic and spiritual practices.For additional inquiries about participating in the psychic healing arts fair please fill out a website inquiry on this website. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response

Sign Up

Do you have talents you can bring to the fair? Sign up below.


We promote all psychics a few weeks before each psychic healing arts fair. Psychics must provide their own equipment and take their own payments

Early bird special – $105.00


We promote all healers a few weeks prior to the fair. Healers must provide their own table, healing equipment and take their own payments.

Early bird special – $105.00


As a speaker/educator, you can offer your knowledge to enrich and enlighten our guests. Any Spiritual or holistic wellness topic is welcome! Topics range but are not limited to: Healing with Mantras, Ayurvedic healing, Energy healing, Meditation, Spiritual healing, New Health Paradigm.

All seminars are recorded. Speakers are responsible for their own projectors and screens.

Early Bird Special – $105.00

Become A Vender

We invite you to become part of our venders who offers products and services that help promote all around wellness and a better way of life. Our venders are a vast assortment! Everything from yoga instructors and life coaches, to health supplements, hand made soaps and candles to beautiful hand crafted crystal wire jewelry and more.

We promote all venders a few weeks before the fair.

Early bird price – $155.00


The most talented artists in the Metropolitan and New York City area have an opportunity to create, display, and sell their art from 30% of their earnings sold for the day.