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Shadow Healing Group Coaching

Weekly Shadow coaching for healing the effects of psychic trauma has never been more accessible and affordable! Now in-person Group Shadow Coaching for just $40.00 a week. One on One Once a week for $75 and $7.99, $9.99, or $20.00 a month through YouTube. Now everyone can heal themselves of the effects of Trauma!

The Psychic Soul Healer Shadow Coaching Program is a four-step program that offers Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work, Reparenting, and the Healing and Integration Processes.

Every Shadow coaching session digs deep into the unconscious mind to find the repressed, denied, and hidden aspects of personality in order to shed light on the rejected, detached, and disassociated parts of themselves in order to examine our choices and behaviorisms, clear blockages, address emotional wounds, and integrate traumas. This shadow coaching program is transformational because it Teaches students how to heal cellular memories by becoming aware of their ancestral, generational, and individual trauma and the habits and behaviorisms that come from these traumas that are blocking them from experiencing the life and life experiences they want to have. Each session focuses on a specific shadow healing topic, providing you with practices and exercises to maximize the benefits.

Sign up today, and Heal the effects of trauma, discover your unique gifts, release blockages, and create a fulfilling life. Reserve your spot now and unlock the secrets of your soul with the Psychic Soul Healer Shadow Coaching Today! 

Are you ready to get to know yourself on a deeper level? To begin a healing process with your shadow self?

If you said “YES!” then this group coaching is just for you because it will show you how to identify trauma, clear ancestral & family karma, recondition your mind & body from the effects of trauma, teach you how to connect with your higher self to develop your own psychic & healing gifts, and offers years worth of practical information along with hands-on exercises to help anyone and everyone Heal the Effects of Trauma. Every time the group meets, it will have a specific focus, practice, and exercises to get the most benefit from the material covered that day.

This group is designed to help individuals move forward on their personal and spiritual journey by learning tools and incorporating psychological and spiritual principles and holistic practices in a safe and supportive environment with like-minded individuals.

Weekly Group Shadow Healing coaching for healing the effects of psychic trauma has never been more accessible or more affordable! Now for just $40.00 a week in-person and $7.99, $9.99, or $20.00 a month on YouTube, you can heal yourself from the effects of Trauma every day!

Every week I will send an email with information about what the group will learn. There is no limit on the class size; the more, the merrier!

These creative, science-based exercises will help you learn more about your values, motivations, and goals and give you the tools to turn your fear into fire!

Weekly In-person Sessions in St. Augustine and Daily Coaching on YouTube
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