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The fundamental part of the universe is vibrating energy, and everything we do is somehow connected to this vibrating energy.  This energy goes by many different names. Chi, Holy Spirit, Oxygen and the Quantum Field are just a few. The Quantum Field is considered to be the blueprint of all realities. Changing the Quantum Field changes what manifests in the physical.
Energy healing 2-711588Our perceptions create our reality which is a reflection of our unconscious thoughts and beliefs. Sabotaging core beliefs are known as spiritual blocks that not only is stagnant energy within the physical body but also manifests as subconscious sabotaging behaviorisms. Most Illnesses show up in the body as imbalances the same way our healing is activated deep from within the body . Manipulating and moving energy in the Quantum Field automatically changes the physical structure and manifestation.
Our attention is the messenger of creation. It allows us to be one with our creator. And helping us to make heartfelt contributions and changes within the world and create our own heaven on earth.
The Law of Attraction is the Law of The Universe. The only vibrations that can share space are “alike.” To change anyone’s energy, you have to first focus on the desired outcome. You can do this by holding the image of the coveted issue in your mind while feeling the emotion of the  obtained sought out goal.
When assisting in someone else’s healing, you must become the dominant energy vibration. Once you maintain your dominant energy vibration, you force the energy around you to shift into a vibrational resonance  which matches with you.
Since energy work is an abstract process, it is essential to have a framework to follow.

  1. Wash your hands with cold water before and after any energy treatment because it neutralizes and purifies any real energy before the session and helps to disconnect from a client after their session.
  2. Running energy exercise. Visualize white or gold light coming in from the top of your head. See the light go through all your chakras and out your feet to the core of the earth. Then, visualize the light coming up from the core of the earth. Moving through your feet and going through all your chakras and your hands. Then see the light enter back into your hands and out the top of your head to the solar star chakra that is about six inches above your head.  You will want to repeat this four or five times.
    3. Balancing out your client exercise. Stand the client in front of you. You sure they are standing straight and level their shoulders. This helps to create the balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Visualize the white or gold light going back and forth
    4. Place both hands under clients occipital bone to make sure both sides are balanced
    5. Place hands on shoulders then kneel down and place hands on hip bone and balance. Do the same with the knees.
    6. Visualize an energy stream going through and sweeping the client’s energy
    Start at your client’s feet and collect the earth energy from the ground and pull it to the heart and then you want to pull the energy from the heavens to meet the energy at the heart which you collected from the ground.
    7. The client is ready to be put on the table for energy work At the beginning holding a dominant energy, vibration is challenging. Running your energy exercise should be with breathe work whenever one is feeling depleted. Breathing amplifies life force.

It’s important to know that intuitive insight can come through in many different was. Such as mental pictures, physical sensations, Spiritual knowing, and emotional feelings. Also be aware of the transference of energy. That is where the healer begins to feel shifts and releases within their client’s body without the client being conscious of what is happening.
If the healer begins to feel static and pins and needles in their hands they are adapting to their client’s energy and need to run their hands under cold water again and do the running of energy exercise.
There are many different ways to do energy work, and no method is better than another. What makes the difference in a successful energy healing treatment is; how much a  healer believes in the healing modality they are using, how open the healer is to the intuitive, physical and emotional insights they are receiving and how open the client is to receive the healing.
Universal Energy Healing Methods
The violet flame. Visualize a violet flame burning away spiritual and energetic blocks
Heart healing with the blue-green light
white and gold universal healing colors

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