Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing

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Crystal healing works to balance the body’s energy system by using the electromagnetic and healing properties of rocks, crystals, and minerals. By laying the crystals on the body, your aura and electromagnetic field interact with the stones with the earth’s energy field to create balance. Crystal healing helps repair and clear one’s vibratory system, which includes nadi’s, chakras, and meridians.

Laura uses Crystals as a tool to foretell events in the future or find hidden information. Crystal gazing is where a psychic or medium uses crystals and (or) a seer stone to predict events, discover secret knowledge, or prophecy. Crystal gazing is also used as a divining tool.

Gemstones are an excellent divination tool that doesn’t just read energies but can tell the sitter what energies they need to adjust to balance emotions, encourage clarity of thought, and assist in attaining wisdom. A crystals reading is said to attune the sitter with intuition, feelings, and values to help their soul’s journey.

Session Length: One Hour & Thirty Minutes

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