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Healing Depersonalization Disorder
Have you ever felt disconnected from your body, almost as if you were watching yourself on a movie screen? Depersonalization disorder occurs from trauma and in most cases it occurs from psychological physical and/or emotional abuse.
I have spent a large part of my healing journey learning about depersonalization disorder in order to heal myself as well as many of my clients.
Having depersonalization disorder- I know personally, that we wind up watching our lives instead of living them. It is as if our lives unfold into situations that we had no control over. This causes us too not trust ourselves and overtime manifest physical and emotional imbalances. Some manifestations of imbalances are anxiety, depression as well as other negative emotions which eventually turn into physical aliments, addictions and disorders.
Until a person recognizes and heals from depersonalization disorder they will continue too form negative habits, conditions and reflexes. These patterns mirror previous events and situations.
Having depersonalization disorder causes people too “check out”.For many people it is a way of dealing with their trauma.
Thankfully, learning about depersonalization disorder allowed me to understand that becoming detached is a normal psychological and physical response to being traumatized.
Understanding what depersonalized disorder is, is imperative for the overall healing process and the millions of people who suffered from psychological,physical or emotional trauma. And those who have done healing work, but haven’t seen results they desire.
Depersonalized disorder causes individuals to become robbed of life. Making life impossible to enjoy. It causes individuals too have Intense fear making them feel unstable and not in control of their life.
The first step to healing is awareness. Symptoms in the physical body are also good indicators of what needs to be healed in the spirit body. Some manifestations of having depersonalization disorder are- concentration,focus,learning issues, digestive and immune system disorders, anxiety, depression, brain fog, fatigue, forgetfulness, feeling spacey ,low self esteem, and feeling out of touch with the world and yourself.
Healing depersonalized disorder is slow and needs constant reinforcement, but it is possible and can be done.
I have found through my own healing of depersonalization disorder that releasing emotions in a ritualistic manner such as journaling, automatic writing, dream therapy,and clearing meditations were all helpful. Also,separating from who and what caused depersonalization disorder is imperative.
In healing depersonalization disorder -it is also important too mention that Yoga and stretching along with breath work helps assist remove any negative emotional energy which is left in the energy body. This will also help the nervous system to become balance.
healing the physical body from emotional abuse through Nutrition and lifestyle changes and spiritual rituals are all essential ways of clearing the physical body of left over karmic residue caused from the events manifested by depersonalized disorder.
Grounding exercises upon waking in the morning is also extremely helpful in staying present and proactive in life. There are plenty of free grounding exercises on the internet.
Positive Affirmations, doing good deeds, surrounding yourself with positive people, joining clubs and/or doing activities are all helpful for individual with depersonalization disorder.
Workshops offered in Holistic and Spiritual Healing for Depersonalization disorder are offered through my meet up
If you or someone you know is interested in healing Depersonalization disorder please contact me at Soul readings, crystal healing and karmic clearing are available for healing Soul wounds and depersonalization disorder.
Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions having to do with depersonalization disorder on this blog and until next time Be true too yourself! Laura the Voice of Truth


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