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Healing Spiritual blocks and Programs
Spiritual blocks and programs are formed from past experiences, which are perceived as negative and undesirable. Spiritual blocks distort our perceptions about how we view ourselves and the world we interact with. They have the power to resurface and replay throughout life, affecting future life experiences.
Within every human being there is an insistent urge to learn, grow, and evolve; as there is a need to understand life and the purpose of our own lives. Many times through an individuals life they develop blocks and programs which prevent them from seeing there true potentiality.
Spiritual Response Therapy, also known as SRT is a meticulous process of researching the subconscious mind and soul records to discover and release hidden blocks to health, happiness, and spiritual evolution. SRT gets to the root of the problem clearing old vows, past life programming, repeat patterning and past family karma and karmic debt.
Researching blocks and programs is done by using a pendulum and charts to communicate with the subconscious and the super conscious or higher self to research past life experiences and negative programs. Once these programs are identified by the SRT practitioner, they asks for the discordant energies to be cleared and than they reprogram the subconscious with positive affirmations and healing messages.
When soul records are cleared emotional and psychological pain is released from the soul and the etheric level of the aura.  This allows harmony and balance to become reestablished in the spirit body.
Attunement to the spirit and knowing ourselves as spiritual being allows for greater healing which is really the only permanent healing. Spiritual Response Technique allows individuals to be free from being controlled and driven by sabotaging subconscious beliefs and desires.
After a clearing- consciousness begins to change, many people experience different things. Some feel euphoric while others  become emotional or lethargic. It is important to note there is no norm, every individual is different because every individual has different blocks and programs and every individual heals differently.
Please be assured that even though everyone responds differently to the clearing process that on a spiritual level you are healed and you will soon begin to notice the effects of the clearing work, including an increase of focus, clarity, creativity, more energy, better health, better relationships and an overall sense of  well being.
Some programs or Spiritual blocks which have cleared from using Spiritual Response Technique are blocks to love, financial stability, abundance, health, love, relationships, poor self esteem, and addiction of any kind.
Too clear your blocks on a spiritual level book a psychic soul reading and Spiritual Response Clearing today through my website
Until next time be True To Yourself!!
Laura The Voice of Truth


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