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Cosmic Laws are also known as Nature’s laws. These laws explain how the universe works. Cosmic laws function on many different planes and dimensions.  The physical, mental and spiritual. Everything is governed and controlled by cosmic laws, weather we are conscious or not.
By knowing and understanding cosmic laws we automatically promote our own spiritual growth and evolution.  All laws are interrelated. Cosmic laws are an integral part of nature. We apply and operate those laws to co-create successfully with the universe. The principals are guidelines concerning the nature of the law. Cosmic Laws come from One Universal Mind. Some call that universal mind, God.
The law of karma “what we sow, we will reap”. What ever we put our energy, thoughts, and deeds, have  consequences and they always reflect back to us through our physical world experiences. The law of karma doesn’t go by moral code or judgments, it is neutral. Karma’s only purpose is to help us learn and evolve into a higher state of consciousness. This higher state of conscious is one of God consciousness. (Christ consciousness, Universal Consciousness)
The Law of Grace and Mercy can neutralize a individuals karma. The neutralizing energy makes the consequences of karma less. When a person takes responsibility for their behaviors and  actions which caused the negative karma it activates the law of grace and mercy. Forgiveness is a sub law of grace.
The Law of Motion.  Everything is motion in the physical universe and motion is found in every atom within the galaxy. Motion is the manifestation of life. Nothing is absolute still, regardless of perspective. When we do not move our energy becomes stagnant. Stagnant energy causes energy blockages which manifests as sickness and disease in the physical body.  Energy moves in all different directions and  realms. Energy which is considered time is linear, which is divided into  the past, present, and future, which is chronological time in the physical realm. In the spiritual realm time doesn’t exist.
The Law of Becoming. The law of becoming is Motion that results in transformation.  A change in position, magnitude, quality, nature, etc. Inertia doesn’t exist in God’s creation. Inertia is a violation of the cosmic law of “progress”. Death does not exist; in reality it relates to transition and transformation. Humans have the capability to will and direct their energy and free will to be what they choose.
The Law of Evolution.  Becoming more god like. Evolving into oneness and becoming more awakened. Evolution expands consciousness and improves the quality of life. The Reincarnation is The periodical incarnation of God into the physical realm, for the purpose of his evolution. Learning from  spiritual lessons and soul relationships. Unfortunately, the karma which we incarnate with binds us to karmic debt., which is the reason why souls forget their true purpose.
The Law of Correspondence also known as The Law of Reflection. This cosmic law helps us understand the higher dimensions by carefully examining and analyzing our physical world. Understanding what we feel and perceive on the inside allows us to see how we manifest things on the outside, in the physical world.
This also helps us understand, that what we think about consciously and unconsciously creates our energy vibration and frequencies. These frequencies makes us a magnet for matching vibrational frequencies. (like goes to like) This psychic energy manifests  your life unconsciously.
The Law of One refers to everything is connected. Everything that is manifested in the universe, is an expression of God and God’s expression. The Law of one can also be called the Law of unity, the blending of the minds with all minds of life.
The Law of Duality Any force or concept can be divided into two opposite forces, each containing an essence of the other. Opposites can only be defined in relation to each other. Duality is a sense of perception of ones universe other then them, you and I; Duality is an illusion of the senses. The absolute state only knows one. The law of opposites relates to the law of duality and also the law of polarity.
The Law of Trinity also known as the law of Triangle The law of trinity is an expression of the law of creation within all creates energies within the universe. These energies give birth to the law of formation. An example of trinity would be the father, son, and holly ghost. The law of trinity functions as two parts as a marriage to create union, birth.
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