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Healing and Full Body Consciousness
The definition of full body consciousness is knowing and being in tune with your body on a body, mind, and spirit level. Our bodies speak to us through sensations, mostly known as our emotions and feelings.
Feelings such as tension, stress, butterflies, headaches, and nausea are just a few ways our body communicates to us, that a situation, experience, person or thing is not good for us.  Just the same as feelings of happiness, joy, love, and excitement translates to something positive.
Having full body consciousness is  to be aware of the messages that you unconsciously broadcast out into the world. Most people, are so busy in their everyday responsibilities of family, relationships, work, bills etc., that they become disconnected from their bodies.
Negative emotions like fear, anger, jealousy, resentment, etc., are all emotions which create energy imbalances.
When experiencing a negative emotion, most people’s energy goes up in their heads, causing them to think allot. When our mind is stuck in a spin cycle of thought, we are no longer in the present moment. When we are not in the present moment we are not in full body consciousness.
Individuals who need spiritual healing have a hard time staying in full body consciousness.
Emotional abuse, psychological, spiritual,  physical abuse and/ or physical trauma causes depersonalization disorder, a form of detachment.
This is where the person who has experienced the trauma becomes disconnected from the details, feelings, emotions and sensations around  the trauma.
Our bodies are made up of seven layers, known as our aura. The energy which was caused from the experience,  is held within all layers of our aura , until we have learned and integrated it’s spiritual lesson.
If we do not process the energy it becomes stagnant within our energy body ,causing energy blockages.
Energy blockages affect the spirit body through our chakras, our energy body through our meridians, our emotional body  through our nervous system, our mental body through our thoughts, and our physical body through our cells and organ tissue.
Spiritual Healing is  when we become the witness to how we feel, and are able to take the appropriate actions to create balance – weather physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, and /or spiritually.
Being in full body consciousness allows us to direct our energy on our dreams and desires instead of getting lost in the stories and chatter of the mind. Being aware of the body allows us to be present and proactive in the now.
It is only in the now that the universe bring us the right experiences to help us achieve our physical goals and evolve spiritually.
The term grounded refers to mentally and emotionally being stable. Grounding is the awareness that we are in physical form called a body, which helps us evolve as spiritual beings.
Some common symptoms of not being grounded are dizziness, daydreaming, accident prone, anxiety, depression, forgetfulness, weight gain. These are just some manifestations of being out of balance. Grounding makes it possible to detach from emotional pain. Being detached from emotional pain allows us to logically think in stressful and emotional trying times.
Grounding can be done any time and any where. The key to grounding is to focus on something in the now, such as your breathe.
Some tips for staying grounded are, being around loving and supportive people and getting rid of toxic relationships. Working on building a strong sense of self and individual character, do something physical, and look at emotionally charged situations through a different perspective by taking a step back.
Some easy grounding techniques are to walk bare foot, sit on the ground, lean on a tree, put your hands in dirt, dance, or simply, breathe and pay attention to what you feel physically in the moment.
When we are in full body consciousness we are aware of our posture, the way we breathe, and how we interact with our environment and the people in it. We can create full body consciousness by setting goals, creating spiritual rituals which aline habits to desires, and tapping into our own intuitive guidance.
Also,  journaling and working with a partner or video to help create awareness is also very helpful.
Being aware of the dialogue you have with your body is the best way to become conscious of what you are broadcasting out.
Being aware of how you speak about your body, what verbal tones you use, involuntary movements, body postures and breathing are all a reflection of how a person feels about themselves. Many people, unconsciously broadcast  their wounds, perceptions and beliefs unconsciously, manifesting undesirable life experiences.
Your body is always sending out messages and signals as a way of communicating. The way we feel  creates a state of mind and body on an unconscious level. A  person’s personality is compromised by attitudes, beliefs, behavior patterns, emotional responses, social roles, and ancestor roles. Being in full body consciousness allows us to express ourselves proactively  through our body’s personality.
Thank you for reading and remember — spiritual healing begins with learning to love and honor yourself unconditionally!  As I always say, ” Be true to Yourself”
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