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Healing and The Language of Our Emotions
Emotions are the language of the soul, they are the language we share with our higher self and they are the way we interact with the universe. Our emotions hold a vibration which either attracts or repels.
Energy which holds a high vibrational frequency will bring other higher vibrational energies too it. The same goes for lower vibrational frequencies attracting lower energies. Like goes to like. As the saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together”
Our emotions play a large role in how we co-create with the universe. It is important to know that imagination is the bridge to the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind does not know what is real and what is imagined.
If we have emotional blocks from unhealed wounds creating life experiences which we want to have becomes  difficult.
Before, trying to control your emotions try to understand the thoughts which have created them. Blocks to manifesting healthy relationships, financial security and health are  all caused from having beliefs which, aren’t in congruent to your wants.
Emotions such as worry, jealousy, control, blame, guilt, perfection, and judgement  are emotions stemmed from fear.
It is important to understand our emotions from a mental, psychological, physical, and spiritual standpoint, because understanding how our emotions work can enhance every area of our lives.
Not until recently has science and modern day medicine acknowledged that emotions have a profound effect on the physical body. Emotions like fear and anger release chemicals called neuropeptides, endorphins, and adrenalin. Any prolonged negative mental and/or emotional state manifests imbalances in the body,mind, and spirit.
Weakened immune system, digestion disorders, allergies, adrenal fatigue, thyroid and other hormonal imbalances, are just a few life debilitating physical imbalances.
Our emotional blocks are psychological/spiritual blocks which, are held within our spiritual body, otherwise known as the chakras. Our chakras are located in the etheric level of our aura. Everywhere, where there is a spiritual center there is an endocrine gland in our physical body. Blocks which are are left unhealed cause energy imbalances which affect the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
Rigid beliefs and thinking cause mental and physical tension. Denied and suppressed emotions sit in the physical body until we integrate the lesson which they have taught, or physically become imbalanced manifesting sickness or disease.
All sickness is caused from stagnant energy. When an individual holds mental and emotional stress within the body, blood can not circulate oxogen to the cells and organ tissue, causing the body to have to compensate, overtime causing imbalances.
Emotional imbalances are keys to spiritual blocks. Your body is always sending out signals as ways of communicating. It’s important to know the importance  of attitudes, beliefs, behavior patterns, emotional responses, social roles, ancestry roles all play a part in the type of emotions you  experience.
Becoming aware of your state of mind and body on a subconscious level is easy once you become conscious of your emotions.
For people who suffered from emotional, psychological , and physical trauma many times they have  become disconnected from the feeling of the emotion so, they no longer know what they feel. If this is the case, working with a trained healer or spiritualist and combining healing modalities like Reiki, Spiritual Response Technique, among many others are very helpful.
Emotions are the gateway to healing which inevitably leads to learning about ourselves. Learning about ourselves allows us to live our best self, which is our true authentic self.
Thank you for reading! Until next time “Be true to Yourself”
Laura Schwalm is a Master Psychic Healer who offers Soul psychic readings and unique individualized healing techniques
Spiritual and Holistic life mastery workshops

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