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Healing Spiritual Blocks to Restore Spiritual Equilibrium
Spiritual blocks are another way of saying negative core beliefs. Our core beliefs are the very essence of how we see ourselves.
Spiritual blocks  stop us from living our true and authentic selves. Spiritual blocks are made of thought energy, otherwise known as astral energy, and emotional energy.
Spiritual blocks can be felt within the physical body as tension and stress, it is felt within the emotional body as anxiety and depression.  Our negative core beliefs are rigid and inflexible and are maintained by focusing on information which supports the beliefs, and ignoring evidence which contradicts it. This is usually done unconsciously.
Spiritual blocks have the power to bleed into every area of a persons life because, they affect the mind. The subconscious mind is the part of our mind which relates to the ego and survival. When we are blocked  from perceived traumas  we become disconnected, detached and unconscious to how we have contributed to our undesirable experience. This causes us to become emotionally imbalanced because ,the negative emotions do not dissipate until integrated.
Equilibrium is a state in which opposing forces or actions balance,  one is not greater than the other. Spirituality is about self.  Spiritual equilibrium means to balance the shadow aspects of our self with the light aspects of self, too create overall wellness in the body, mind, and spirit.
In order to restore spiritual equilibrium one must clear negative beliefs and incorporate empowering and supportive beliefs.  Understand that beliefs are not caused they are created, and many times created from past experience , or past perception of  experiences. Our environment, society, peers, and  media can all trigger a person to become spiritually blocked. Many times our blocks become activated in emotionally charged situations.
Our beliefs affect our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and judgements, consciously and unconsciously. It is imperative to heal spiritual blocks in order to experience the life and life experiences we want to have .
The first step to healing is understanding  your beliefs dictate your life , and in order to manifest the life experiences you want to have your beliefs have to be in congruent with the outcomes which you seek. Identifying your limiting beliefs is done by allowing yourself to be the witness to what you feel, without judgement.
Many blocks are around money, worth, love and success. Understanding that our outer world mirrors our internal world gives us big clues to  what needs healing within our own lives. Letting our own thoughts and emotions  guide us in the healing process allows us to go at our own pace.
Judging ourselves in how  we heal or where we are in our healing , blocks the process. The steps to healing are accepting, experiencing and letting go.
No step is more important, each step in  the the healing process must be honored. Becoming the witness allows us to become aware but, not until we feel the emotion do we experience how the situation has affected us.
Letting go is usually the hardest stage in the healing process because it means we have worked through all the raw emotions and have fully integrated the lessons which we have learned.
Tips to healing spiritual blocks :
1.Be mindful of your thoughts
2.Restate judgements you have in terms of consequences
3.Look at your entire situation, look for what is being left out instead of focusing on the aspects which support your negative belief.
4. When overwhelmed by emotion remember to breathe, relax, feel, watch, allow, and let go
Spiritual equilibrium comes from balancing the light aspects of ourselves , which is considered the spirit part of self– with the human ego part of ourselves.
When we are balanced we can receive spiritual guidance and ground that knowledge into the physical realm. This is how we consciously co create with the universe to manifest.
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Until next time “Be true to yourself”- Laura Schwalm


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