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The topic of Cosmic, Universal and Spiritual Laws are ongoing blog topics of mine because, there are literally hundreds. Cosmic laws are important life mastery tool because, they create awareness and allow us to live in alinement with God and- the flow of the universe.
1. The Cosmic Law of Compassion.
Compassion is understanding that everyone is doing the best they can within the beliefs, structures and capabilities they were conditioned to have. The rule of compassion is, the more you give yourself -the more you will give to others. Compassion begins by having patience and being gentle with yourself by being free of judgement and expectations.
The Law of Compassion directs us to act out of love and understanding regardless, of the situations. The Law of Compassion presents a loving demand to transcend perceived limitations. Compassion helps us heal from the pains accumulated from being human.
2. The Law of Presence And Living In The Moment
In the spiritual realm there is no such thing as time. When talking Cosmic, Universal and Spiritual Laws we understand that there are no realities except for what is in our own mind. Time is abstract and paradox. It is a man made structure that helps us organize an be time efficient. Time stretches between past and future which, have no objective reality.
Individuals can project the mind into the past and future- but, it is only the present which we live. The Law of presence banishes regrets, concerns, and confusion. Training oneself to be present becomes easier with daily practice. Focusing or thinking about problems keeps them alive in the present.
3. The Law of Process
The Law of Process teaches us of structures which  transcend time, teaches patience and courage and helps us embody trust so we can master our lives. The Law of Process is natures way of assuring us that we can achieve almost any goal by breaking it down into small steps. By taking manageable steps we create a series of small successes gives us confidence along the way until we reach our goal.
The Law of process is a combination of discipline and patience which brings forth persistence. Persistence allows us to stay focused on our intention through the highs and lows of life, so we can carry out our intention into completion.
4. The Law of Expectation
What we can imagine, we can create. Expanding our beliefs about what is possible can create new experiences for ourselves. Before anything can manifest in the physical world, it first is a thought or an image in consciousness. It is our beliefs which create our perceptions on how we view the world and are the building blocks of our experiences.
We see what we look for consciously and unconsciously. It is our beliefs which set into motion our behaviors which influence how we act and feel. When we create positive images, happy circumstances and successful outcomes that become supportive neurological pathways in the mind.
The Law of Expectation reminds us that what ever one expects with confidence becomes their reality. It calls us to examine and investigate our assumptions, perceptions, and beliefs and replace them with supportive ones. Our expectations have a huge influence on the outcomes in our lives. Many times, it’s our expectation of those people which determine our attitudes towards them.
A. Expectation exists in everyone about everything all the time
B. Expectations are rooted in the past and influence the future, therefore they impact future experiences.
C. Expectations are exposed by attitudes and actions.
D.Expectations guided in love can lead, influence, and impact others.
E. Expectations can raise and lower ones energy
F. Anyone can express expectations by doing spiritual rituals that include prayer, intention, and action.
5. Law of Unity. Remembering we are “One”
The Law of Unity teaches us that we are all part of one consciousness. The law of unity doesn’t coincide with our every day perceptions of the physical world and reality but- it is paradox where it sees both sides.  A shift of perception allows us to see we are all connected through the same consciousness manifesting in different bodies.
6. The Law of Cycles
The law of cycles is reflected  the patterns and cycles and ebb and flow of nature. Nature shows us through the seasons all things happen in their own times. The changing of seasons, waxing and waning, and the rising and falling of the tides remind us of the laws of cycles.
Change is difficult for many of us because there is an innate want and comfortability to seek out what’s familiar. The law of cycles reminds us that as the seasons change, we must also.
7. The Law of Surrender
The Law of surrender asks us to embrace a higher power. To surrender and accept. Surrendering is about letting go of expectation and getting out of our own way in order to live by a higher purpose and will. Surrendering doesn’t ask us to accept ignorantly but to learn from all experiences.
Many people confuse the Law of Surrender with ignoring, pretending, or denying and detaching from the feeling and memories of the experience.  Surrendering is not about giving away your power or ignoring your feelings but, to act  out of willingness and embrace what is. The best way to utilize the Law of Surrender is to ask the universe to bring forth a solution that is supportive to all that are involved.
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