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Healing psychic trauma
Psychic trauma is a type of damage to the psyche that occurs from a result of traumatic event or recurring traumatic events. The word trauma is derived from the Greek work “wound”. Psychic trauma is a combination of psychological and emotional reactions caused from stressful situations which shatter an individuals sense of security, making one feel helpless and vulnerable.
There are a number of situations and events which can lead to a person experiencing psyche trauma. Anything from living in poverty, witnessing or being a victim of physical, emotional, or mental abuse, witnessing or being a victim of interpersonal violence, natural disasters, and/or any accident which causes physical pain and/or trauma. It is important to know that even less severe situations can trigger traumatic reactions,and the situations do not have to be traumatic to anyone else except the person who experience the trauma, but a few things are the same. Soul wounds are personal and deeply painful. Also, if a souls wound isn’t healed it has the ability to affect everyone the same externally within their outer world.
There are strong physical reactions for individuals who have suffered psychic trauma. As stated earlier,every individual is different and responds differently to psychic trauma. However,some common manifestations are paranoia, becoming overly concerned about survival, insomnia, fatigue, exhaustion, addiction of any kind, brain fog, learning issues and memory loss. Emotional reactions to psychic trauma are numbness and detachment, depression, guilt, anxiety, anger and irritability
Because psychic trauma causes allot of negative physical, psychological, and emotional imbalances  which make it impossible to live a normal life healing is imperative! Otherwise it is known that many individuals who were victims of psychic trauma isolate and withdraw socially due to trust and intimacy issues which lead to depression and other emotional issues.
Many people confuse stress with psychological trauma,but they are not the same thing. Stress dis-regulates the nervous system–,where as in a few days or weeks the nervous system reverts back to it’s normal equilibrium. This normal state of balance is not possible when we have suffered psychological trauma. The reason is because victims of psychic trauma no longer trust themselves causing fear. The emotion fear if prolonged causes physical, emotional and psychological damage to the body, mind and spirit
Traumatic stress can be distinguished from routine stress by reviewing a number of details. For instance, how frequent the victim remembers aspects of the incident, how intensely threatening the source of upset was or is, how long the upset lasted, and how long it takes for the victim to calm down
Traumatic stress in childhood influences brain development which unconsciously causes children who suffered psychic trauma to develop personal and behavior disorders and imbalances, which lead to future experiences of trauma. Everything from substance abuse, compulsive and self destructive impulses, negative thought patterns and feelings of being permanently damaged are all manifestations of psychic trauma.
A traumatic experience which affects the psyche can cause emotional devastating results in the psyche for many reasons, there is no one clear answers. though a few repeating factors are usually involved. Such as the severity, an individuals personal history, coping skills and valued beliefs, and the relations and support from family .
Symptoms of psychic trauma should be taken seriously and steps to healing the spirit need to be incorporated the same way physical ailment would be. There is no norm in how fast healing psychological trauma will occur. The time and assistance to recover varies from person to person, but incorporating daily healing rituals to recondition the mind, spiritual counseling, soul healing and clearings are all very helpful for seeing results not only quickly but can transform the damage into empowerment and tools for your success!
If you or someone you know has suffered psychic trauma and need help please contact me for a free consultation through my website . I offer a creative approach to  healing  psychological/emotional/spiritual trauma using  a combination of Holistic and Spiritual practices that not only heal but balance the body, mind, and spirit to help you heal yourself at affordable rates.
Healing begins with investing in yourself! Until next time be true to yourself- Love Laura the voice of truth


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