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Many times it is the thoughts  at the beginning and end of the day which makes it difficult for us to wind down and rest.. Rituals help us escape from our mind chatter and live in the present moment.
Living in the moment is to live mindfulness, which is in  a state of active and open attention on the present moment. Living in the moment awakens us to new perspectives and experience. To be present in the moment is to be grounded, focused and centered.
Only in the present moment can we receive divine guidance by our “gut” and intuition. It is only in this space can we relieve ourself from the debilitating effects of anxiety.
Ritual to Ground, Center and Focus:
1 .Say no to the snooze button
2. Tongue scrape Warm water and lemon to alkaline the body and flush toxins out of the body and hydrate.
3. Use Probiotics
4 Morning Meditation Whole body consciousness exercises that include, yoga breathing and Stretching
5.  Juice
6. Dry brush Oil massage
7. set your intention for the day
8. Get some sunlight
9. Journal
Begin ritual with lighting a candle, burning incense or what ever you choose to signify the ritual. End your ritual with a mantra.
It is important to note that health refers to your energy. In today’s day and age we are ready for a better way, when it comes to maintaining our health. Our health care system is unsustainable because it doesn’t get to the root of the problem, which is healing the  spiritual and psychological cause of the imbalance.
Our health care system is based on treating imbalanced life style choices. We are a nation that is in crisis, spending over 16% of our salaries on medical. 80% of heart disease is due to lifestyle choices. 80% of Diabetes is caused from food choices and lifestyle choices and 80% of all cancers are caused from lifestyle, and diet choices!
We have the power to culturally transform our health and the quality of life by becoming  educated  about our bodies, nutrition and life style choices. Anxiety is an indicator of living imbalanced, and it manifests before sickness and disease manifests in the physical body. To treat anxiety is treating the root cause of the imbalance.
The New Health Paradigm is about preventing sickness and disease in the physical body by incorporating Holistic and Spiritual health practices in our daily life to create overall wellness. This new health paradigm is empowering and grows confidence on every level of our being.
Our genes have been shaped over millions of years. Our lifestyles that are full of toxicity, deficiency and energy imbalances have caused imbalances in our DNA, causing chronic diseases globally.
Laura Schwalm is a Master Psychic Healer who helps individuals heal and balance the body, mind, and spirit with Holistic and Spiritual practices
Monthly Free Spiritual and Holistic Online Seminars by Master Psychic Healer, Laura Schwalm sign up is through my face book page facebook,com/lauraschwalm


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