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Spiritual Disease Patterns by Master Psychic Healer- Laura Schwalm
There are allot of inherited factors that effect our health aside from inherited genes. Until recently, a human beings health was predicted, controlled and determined by our inherited genes. Science uses the analogy that our genes are only receptors, much like a radio receiver, namely, signals from the environment. These signals are not just physical energy, but also are thought and emotional energy. In many ways we become what we eat, feel, and think. Biology has finally accepted that we can inherit certain characteristics that are not connected to our genes. That we are much more than what is known from strictly a scientific and physical point of view.
Our health is a complete process, primary a reflection of our inner strength. Illness and other health troubles come from not being in touch with our deepest reality. Our true nature is healthy.
In this blog, Spiritual Disease Patterns, I am referring to psychological, emotional, and mental thought patterns. Unresolved or deeply consuming spiritual stresses. The stress can be either long running patterns from childhood, such as feeling rejected and inadequate or from a recent perceived traumatic incident. These stresses overtime become emotional imprints, psychic wounds also known as soul wounds.
Emotions which hold the highest frequencies of energy such as love, joy, passion, excitement hold the same vibrational frequencies as wellness and self love. Within these higher emotions diseases aren’t capable of existing. Imbalances are already in the body, but only until they are activated by a discorded thought pattern can they physically manifest.
An experience which causes a soul wound doesn’t need to be traumatic or perceived as threatening to anyone outside of the person experiencing it, in order for it to create imbalances. Soul wounds are caused from spiritual blocks. Spiritual blocks are negative beliefs about oneself and/or their environment. Negative beliefs which affects an individuals reality. What an individual feels true concerning life, God, and other people plays a large role in how they live.
What we believe affects how we feel physically and emotionally. Our emotions consciously and unconsciously determine our actions. Addictions are formed from unconscious feelings ,thoughts and emotions which are stagnant within us. Affecting all layers of our being.
Individuals who are ill, tend to have belief patterns that are disempowering. Individuals with the inability to give or receive love because of trust and intimacy issues in childhood, most times are immune compromised in their adult lives. The reason is because our lives  are suppose to evolve around love and we are in physical form, living in a physical world to express love. We co create with God and the universe by giving love to the world through our own unique purpose.
Individuals who do not feel they have a purpose are lost souls. The physical feelings which come from not knowing one’s purpose is feeling empty and disconnected from the world and the physical body.
How effective an individual exercises their power of choice over there own affairs is a good indication of how spiritually balanced they are. This doesn’t mean not to compromise, it means to not allow yourself to become victimized or to turn over your power.
People hand over their power for many reasons. Fear is the number one reason weather it is psychological, mental or emotional fear. Fear keeps us spiritually blocked. Locked into believing disempowering and sabotaging thinking patterns. Fear of not trusting or believing in oneself and others. Ignorance of not knowing and understanding who one is and what their purpose is. Denial, which is the inability to face areas in ones life which aren’t working.
A basic premise of Spiritual and Holistic health is that illness does not just happen randomly and by chance. That our genes are only responsible for 1/3 of our sickness and diseases. That every illness, imbalance, or dysfunction an individual develops is an indication of an emotional, spiritual, or psychological stress.
The body’s capability to heal or resist disease depends on its ability to draw in energy into the body through the intelligence of cosmic source otherwise known as universal or God energy. Cosmic energy can transform chemistry in the body. Our bodies are not physical objects. Our bodies are multi dimensional that holds patterns of energy and these patterns can be changed. Changing negative or unsupportive patterns creates instantaneous healing.
In my opinion the success of an individuals healing is dependent on two factors. The first is the courage to evaluate ones life honestly and the second is the power to make empowering choices that honor and feed the inner spirit.
Some healing techniques to heal negative disease patterns are
1. Meditation
2. Prayer
3. positive affirmations
4. STOP!! All or nothing thinking
5. Stop overgeneralizing
6.  Don’t have a negative mind filter, only seeing negative
7.  Don’t Jump to conclusions, being paranoid
8.  Stop trying too read minds and fortune telling
9. Don’t Emotional Respond
10. Get rid of should statements
11. Stop labeling
12. Stop Blame/ Self Blame
13.  Stop Comparing Unfairly
Thank you for reading. Feel free to share! Until next time “Be true to yourself”
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