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Perception is the end result of our inner computer system and how it see’s a particular situation.  Psychic perception and artistic perception is when one can see many realms of consciousness. On the physical plane we are able to use 5 senses to perceive information, the Astral realm is the realm of the intuitive and creative mind, the emotional plane is the realm of the heart, and the mental plane is the plane of Ego consciousness. The home of the logical mind. Above the mental plane is the spiritual plane which is our connection to “Oneness” (God and all beings created by God)
Our consciousness is complex, it exists on all these planes even thou we usually aren’t conscious of it. The Astral and mental planes are where perceptions are formed. The astral plane is described as highly elastic, meaning that every though which we have has an objective reality of it’s own intention, emotions, and desires.
There are three layers of nonphysical perception planes. The astral, mental, and spiritual. The first two are physical forms of perception. The last is intuition. The astral perception tends to be somewhat inaccurate because our perception are molded from limited information based on perceptions and emotions. This plane has a fantasy type quality.
Our Visual perception mediates all information that passes through our senses. Perception isn’t just how we see things, but what we look for. This is how we manifest our life experiences.
Most people do not realize that by the age of six, most people have already developed a core belief system. This belief system is not formed from coaching but interacting with Parents, teachers, siblings, and everything else which is in their environment. Belief which are accumulate in childhood many times served as a physical or emotion protection mechanism that was supportive at the time, but as the child grows the beliefs are no longer supportive and become sabotaging.
When we do not like what manifests in our life, it’s an indication that we need to clear our perception. Clearing enables one too see new opportunities and perspectives. Everything is made up of energy and, emotions are energy in motion. Emotions are the way our spirits communicates with us, they are also what motivate us to follow our dreams and move past painful experiences and gives us courage to create new experiences.
suppressed negative emotions create lower vibrational frequency inside of us. These negative vibrations repel higher vibrational people and situations away from us, while bringing similar lower vibrational to us.
This causes us to look for solutions outside of ourselves to relieve the pain. Unfortunately, avoidance of pain keeps us locked into suffering. Not being able to find our path we look for the answers outside of ourselves. When we feel our survival and our emotional wellbeing is dependent on someone or something it creates fear and anxiety. The emotional pain of not being good enough makes us perceive and feel separate from God, which is the root of all pain and suffering.
Perception which are stuck on our survival distorts our perceptions.  Overtime distorted perceptions cause us to live in survival mode, Conditioning the body to suppress the immune system.  Just as debris can build up in the environment, psychic debris build up within our energy body affecting the physical body.
Feeling  of being tired, anxious, fatigued and drained are manifestations of negative energy clogging perception filters. People who do not clear their perception filters wind up living their life in accordance to past perceptions on a subconscious level.
The way to clear perception is through visualization techniques, mind body work and clearing and balancing your chakras. Changing beliefs associated with each particular chakra is imperative to regain clarity as well as emotional balance. Clearing your perception raises  your vibrational frequency making manifesting easier and faster.
Some healing techniques anyone can do by themselves are :praying, visualization, .chakra cleansing. meditation, exercise, diet, detoxing, journaling and sea salt baths.
It is important to note that Psychic trauma is emotional abuse that distorts perceptions in the physical and mental body. Over time sickness and diseases manifest and affects emotional stability,  making it  difficult to have successful relationships and other successes within life. They also have been known to develop overactive immune system, memory issues, anxiety, digestion disorders, food allergies, yeast overgrowth, sensitivity, ADD, emotional problems.  All which lock them into only seeing distorted perceptions of themselves.
This is why it is imperative to incorporate body mind medicine and other reconditioning practices to retrain the mind and nervous system if you have suffered from psychic trauma. Meditation, Ayurveda breath work, birthing breath, and yoga are just a few techniques to stabilize the breath and retrain the mind and body.
Breathing through the nose on a 4 count and exhaling through the mouth. Breathing this way will not only stabilize your breath but also reset the nervous system. Keep in mind in order to see the positive changes one needs to be patient and consistent because true and lasting change happens over time.
Laura Schwalm is a Master Psychic Healer who helps individuals Heal with Holistic and Spiritual practices. To read about the services Laura Schwalm go to
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