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Rituals are used to restore a sense of balance to life and help us to adjust to lifestyle changes. Rituals are natural, because they allow us to express ourselves through movement and physical practice. Many people do not realize the power of rituals. Rituals bond and strengthen an intention. They allows us to keep focus on our intention, and have the momentum to be consistent in going after our goals, especially in stressful times because they help us stay grounded and balanced.
Much of what we know about rituals comes from different cultures, religious beliefs and family traditions, but anyone can create or makeup a ritual. Rituals are an important part of healing, because they assist in reconditioning the mind. They also allow us to be comfortable in a space of faith. Rituals are functions that allow us to get in touch with our whole being while giving meaning to whatever the ritual is representing.
All human beings endure many difficult and traumatizing experiences, which cause emotional imprints (samskaras).  Samskaras distort perceptions about oneself and the world around them. Making individuals act from a fear based consciousness, creating negative life experiences.
Healing rituals have been known to be affective where mainstream medicine and psychotherapy didn’t work. Ritual help us realize that we are bigger than ourselves, that we are actually part of the entire universe. Rituals make it possible to take an active part in a relationship with our higher power and purpose. Rituals have been known to help individuals heal from child abuse, recondition and recover from addictions, heal broken relationship, and  overcome grief and loss.
Some rituals that are helpful are chanting mantras,stating affirmations,  journal writing, meditation, prayer or daily yoga practice. As I stated above, anything can be used to perform a ritual because the importance of the ritual is not on the objects used in performing the ritual but the intention behind the ritual.
Laura Schwalm is a Master Psychic Healer, who offers Holistic and Spiritual services to help individuals heal and balance the body, mind, and spirit. To read about services Laura offers, read other blogs, and listen to archived pod casts. “30 Minutes of Psychic Awareness” please go to

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