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The Sacral Chakra by Master Psychic Healer- Laura Schwalm
All around wellness is not just the absence of diseases, it is being physically and emotionally able to  joyfully be in alignment with our deepest and truest selves. The sacral chakra provides the ”oomph” to living  human experience, because it represents our emotional center.
The second chakra rules our vital sensual body. It is the mammalian portion of our brain where the limbic system controls memories and  emotions. It also contributes to our creativity and learning process because it is where memories and emotions combine. Our endocrine system is also associated with the sacral chakra because of it’s location. (right below the naval and above the pubic bone.)
Since the brain’s center for emotions and memories are intimately related, unhealed and repressed emotions from past experiences reflect in present situations. Manifesting the same undesirable feelings, until healed.
How balanced our second chakra is – not only dictates our emotional responses but represents themes to our karmic lessons which we will experience throughout our life time. The sacral chakra holds energetic patterns of any addictions as well as repeating relationship patterns.
Our emotional areas of life are embodied by the second chakra. Psychologically, the second chakra translates to our sensuality, intimacy , self acceptance, and all relationships.
A healthy understanding of the nature and meaning of relationships, is having a happy attitude towards others and having a strong sense of security in oneself. Individuals who have second chakra imbalances have abandonment issues, trust issues and tend to loose themselves in their relationships.
The second chakra is the chakra which helps us achieve and sustain attachments to other people. Beginning with the vital maternal cord known as the umbilical cord.
Weakness and imbalances within the second chakra lead to extreme empathy, which causes one to be guided by the emotions of others. Failing to heal imbalances can also manifest in a complete an utter lack of emotions.
The second chakra deals with dualities, such as – yin and yang, male and female, light and dark. When we have blocks within the second chakra we become imbalances. Spiritual imbalances manifest as emotional and physical imbalances which affect physical life experiences and physical health.
The areas of the physical body that are governed by the sacral include genitals, reproduction organs, the sacrum and lumbar vertebrae  (lower spine), stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, upper intestines.
The second chakra is formed between the ages of two and four, when an individual learns to live beyond basic survival consciousness. It is a time when children are not only determining their place in the family but their own unique individuality.
A balanced second chakra manifests as easy going, expressive, compassionate, emotionally sound, balanced, warmth and joy. Where an imbalanced sacral chakra’s symptoms are addictive, obsessive, controlling, guilty, depressed and blocks to creativity, overly sensitive, frigid, angry, and fearful.
Facts, techniques and Tips to healing the sacral chakra
1. Food therapy. Eat orange foods. Oranges, mangos, sweet potato, curry, orange pepper, etc.
2. Hulla Hoop, Yoga poses angel forward bend, pigeon pose, and bound ankle pose
3. Essencial oil – sandalwood, rose, vanilla, orange peel, jasmine
4. Mantra – Vam
5. Vowel- O
6. Music note d
7. Chakra element is water
8. Sense is Taste/ represents the sweetness of life
9. Crystal healing- Carnelian, coral, gold, calcite, amber, citrine, gold topaz, moonstone
10. Symbol is the crescent moon
11. Sweet foods
12. Bach flowers – oak, olive, pine
13. symbol 6 petal lotus representing responsibilities and harmony in your environment and the people you share your environment with
14. The second chakra name in sanskrit is Svadisthana, meaning sweetness
15. Affirmations- I enjoy life, I accept myself, I trust I am loved, and I deserve happiness
Laura Schwalm offers a large selection of Holistic and Spiritual modalities to heal and balance the second chakra.If you or someone you know is looking to heal imbalances in the second chakra please check out the services I offer on my website
Laura also offers workshops in Holistic and Spiritual health Affordable workshops for everyday people.
Thank you for reading and until next time be true to yourself!
Laura Schwalm

Psychic Soul Reading Combined with Customized Spiritual Healing

Psychic Soul Reading Combined with Customized Spiritual Healing

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