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The Shadow self is a concept from psychology which refers to the unknown/ subconscious/ dark side of self that we keep hidden until we are triggered with impulses like lust, power, greed, anger, jealousy, selfishness and rage. No one is free from having felt these emotions and everyone has the capacity to act out on them from time to time.
To deny the shadows existence only makes the shadow side come more to the fore. Too find balance within your duality you must first become aware of what your triggers are and then determine why.
If you do not do the work then you will continue to be triggered and the triggers will feel as if they are more and more difficult to control with out reacting too them..
A common manifestation that occurs from being emotional triggered is having unnecessary arguments and feeling other people are an inconvenience. Arrogance can take over, people can become mercenary and solely interested in making money and acquiring possessions instead of living life and connecting with other life.
Choose too become more conscious by following these 14 Steps to developing greater self awareness every time you get triggered and I can guarantee you will find you will become triggered less often and the triggers will have less energy fueling them.
1. Feel your emotions physically. What sensations do you feel? Do you notice tightness and where?
2. Know your triggers. Pay attention to what pushes your buttons. People, places, situations etc.
3. Keep a journal. Write down thoughts, triggers and emotions
4. Pay attention to when you are stressed. When you are stressed is the best way time to observe how your emotions manifest
5. Get feedback from your friends and others. It is not uncommon to notice when our emotions are dictating our actions and behaviors
6. Regulate your feelings by setting goals to keep yourself grounded while developing the skill of self awareness without reacting
7.meditate and use peaceful imagery. When we do not have a focal point our emotions are liable to send our mind racing
8. Deep breathing helps to reset your nervous nervous system, ground and become in full body consciousness.
9. Take control over negative self talk. To change what you feel change what you tell yourself . Most triggers come fro internal triggers from how we perceive or interpret and event . Make an effort to focus on your internal dialogue. Negative thoughts need to be reframed
10. Take care of physical health. To stay emotionally balanced watch consumption of caffeine and alcohol
11. Make time to solve problems. Consider the problem and search for a solution and opinions, do not react. Check in with all 3 centers of intelligence- heart, head and gut
12. Cultivate more positive emotions by doing things you enjoy and being around loving and supportive people
13. Remember every day is an opportunity to start new. ?
14. Actively seek ways to use positive emotions to cope with negative moods.
#sidenote/ unprocessed and unintegrated emotions becomes stagnant energy in the body making it for blood and oxygen to get to those areas. We can feel these blocks as stress and tension. When the stress and tension isn’t released overtime the energy becomes a physical imbalance. All HEALTH ISSUES are ROOTED in the Psychological/ Spiritual realm. By clearing karma you are clearing stagnant energy which clears all physical imbalances, like cancer, diabetes, thyroid disease etc etc etc. at the root -as most mental imbalances can be reversed and cleared at its root cause.
The next karma clearing workshop is April 26 at The Main Library on Ponce de Leon Blvd at 12:30pm for other holistic and spiritual workshops check out my website on the Upcoming Showing and Events page #masterpsychichealer #lauraschwalm #newhealthcareparadigm #pureenergyhealer #transcendyourmind #spiritualevolution #themingdomofheavenisinside #cocreate #oneconsciousness #christconsciousness

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