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Our emotions work as our environmental navigating and security system. They indicate how we feel and, how our lives are going. Our emotions give us the power and fuel needed for manifesting. They control conscious and unconscious habits which, include the way we think. Our beliefs act like filters to what we feel emotionally and, our emotions have the power to affect the physical body.

During the day, every one picks up on the emotions, feelings, and thoughts of others. Because everything that exists is made of up energy. As to what you pick up that is not of your own creation, we collectively refer to them as “foreign energies.” .

The key is knowing when an energy, emotion you’re feeling, or a thought you’re having, does not belong to you, and knowing that you have the power to remove it and restore the balance of your aura at anytime.  There are many modalities geared to clearing foreign energies.

Although all suffering originates in the mind, the residues of it can get stuck in etheric layer of our aura, the pain body.  Intentionally and unintentionally, we allow these foreign energies to attach themselves to and within our aura. It’s part of being human.  It is important to note- no matter how spiritually evolved you are, you will always have foreign energy attaching itself to your aura, This is especially true if you are highly empathic and sensitive (clairsentient), in which case, your very nature involves you sensing, picking up, and potentially carrying with you the emotions of those around you.

The problem with not clearing these energies is they build up  over time and  cause physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual imbalances.  Negative energy  attracts negativity into your life. By the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. Whatever vibration we radiate creates more of the same. This is still true whether we’re, aware or not of our unhealed beliefs. Until we release the causes of suffering, the residues of it attract and recreates situations and circumstances that reflect it over and over again. This is called karmic looping, which perpetuate the illusion of being separate from love, joy, abundance, creativity, and our own aliveness. They seem to veil the Life Force that we ARE.

Emotions like fear and anger change body constitution making the body very acidity. The constant release of these chemicals affect not just the  body, but the mind, and spirit in everyone. Some Healing modalities to diffuse and release negative energy:

1. Chrom Essence- triggers the olfactory nervous system bringing up memories, feelings and emotions held within the pain body

2. Tuning Forks work on nervous system as well as our auric field where energy tends to get stuck

3. massage helps release trapped energy held within the muscle and tissue of the physical body. Energy held within the aura and nervous system eventually condition the physical body to hold tension. The tension is referred to as energy blocks and knots.

4. Emotional Freedom Technique to help Identify emotional and psychological hurts that we have detached from and now are unconscious to, but are still affecting our life.

5. journaling what you feel strongly about helps us not only identify, but helps us release it.

6. Try to be specific with what you are feeling

7. Tantra

8. Meditation

9. Spend time with friends

10. Give yourself permission to feel your feelings

11 Accept your feelings, physical move, or communicate them

12Forgive, we forgive to release ourselves from the person who hurt us.

13. Gratitude, Be thankful for what you have.

14. Use the pain to learn, so you do not repeat

Ask yourself the following questions:

A. Are my reacting?

B. Can I talk about the experience or situation with the person caused the upset?

C. Is a direct approach the best way to succeed?

D. Have an intention, a hope for how the discussion or problem will resolve.

E. Be realistic. Make sure you can be honest with the person or situation.

F. If you can not freely communicate with the individual do not entertain the idea of trying to find solutions to making the relationship work! REGARDLESS of whom they may be. Move on and learn from the situation.

All emotions are born from love and fear and, all thoughts trigger one emotion or the other. Some examples of  how fear manifests: anxiety, anger, control, sadness, depression, confusion, guilt, shame, and inadequacy. Fear based emotions stimulate the nervous system and releasing chemicals that suppress the digestion and immune system. This is why people who repetitively experience undesirable life experiences or choose the wrong types of relationships often develop health conditions. As noted above, we all pick up energy throughout our day by the people and situations we come into contact with, but we have complete control over how that energy affects us.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from negative emotional energy do not wait until it manifests into imbalanced relationships or/and physical health imbalances! Get the help you need by working with a spiritualist, life coach or/and energy healer, it will not only upgrade your health and emotional well being, but has the power to affect the people who are in your life and bring better life situations, people and opportunities to enhance overall well being.



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