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In honor of my book, “A Souls Evolution Healing The Effects of Psychic Trauma” that will be released this coming Spring 2019.

Many people that know me and who have worked with me, know it has been my own healing which lead me to becoming a Master Psychic Healer.

I believe I am at the point within my own transformational journey that I have a lifetime of experiences which qualifies me to talk about the effects of psychological trauma..

Growing up in a spiritually imbalanced home where I watched my father spend most of  his  young adult, adult and senior years struggling financially and having severe health issues. That included both hips being replaced, upper and lower back surgeries which took over 20 hours combined and many different cancers. My mother was as emotionally and psychologically imbalanced as my father was physically imbalanced. I learned by seeing first hand at a very young age how energy acts like a magnet to resonating energies.

You may think my parents weren’t good people, but it is quite the contrary, they were good people who for the most part had good intentions that were spiritually imbalanced and as a result formed behaviorism which blocked them from creating good health, wealth and overall emotional fulfillment. I not only inherited certain behaviorism’s from my family but my environment conditioned me to rely on these sabotaging behaviorism’s for my survival.

Living out of balance due to my stress coping skills I reaped the consequences of many karmic situations which manifested as physical ailments, financial and relationship issues an emotional ups and downs. After many years of reading self help books and attending classes and seminars I got the courage to enroll in Holistic health school which had taught me about the body mind connection.

Being born a Highly Sensitive person my psychic ability have always been my greatest asset but having been conditioned in an imbalanced environment made it my largest downfall. For me saying affirmations and having good intentions were not enough. I had to recondition my body mind connection and change my diet and lifestyle habits and then I saw changes. The hardest obstacle which I had and I see my clients have is reacting to internal and external stimuli which creates and compounds emotional triggers and many times leads to sabotaging behaviorism’s like addictive and codependent behavior.

2As a psychic healer I hear from clients almost daily how they have forgiven their parents and who ever else has hurt them and they don’t even remember what transpired that could affect them and how they are creating their reality.

Awareness is nonlinear concerning time and cultivating it is something that happens over time. The NOW movement which is happening across the planet at the present moment refers to our own personal and global awakening spiritual awakening which is ever changing and is the past, present, and future.

When we experience undesirable life experiences that create trauma whether it’s physical, psychological or emotional it changes the way we view not only the situation but ourselves. We begin to experience many different emotions. Such as shame, guilt or feelings of not being good enough or worthy. These thoughts create feelings which if not integrated become unconscious  and sabotaging habits, conditions and reflexes that mirror out into our behaviorism’s and character.

We live in a society that constantly associates our worth and success to outside worldly possessions. What we need to realize is that we can redirect our behavior by creating a new intention along with a daily practice in order to create situations and outcomes we want to have. Instead of reliving undesirable ones that are considered karmic.

Disease, Poverty and toxic relationships hold the same low vibration in energy.

With so Many people going through a health crisis, some severe and even life-threatening it is important to note in this point for man’s evolution to understand the cause of disease and where it’s roots lie.

All pain is the result of living out of alignment with God’s laws, the laws of love. It is a choice we make at the “soul level,” in order to expand our hearts, raise consciousness by learning and cultivating Christ-like character traits.

Bad relationships, poverty, and disease are all excellent teachers not only for healing but for one’s spiritual growth and evolution. Undesirable life situations gives us vital information about our behaviorism’s that have evolved through many lifetimes. Many times to bring a new level of consciousness or and awaken to new spiritual paths and truths.

The secret to moving through any undesirable life experience is to seek the knowledge, growth, and evolution for without understanding the underlying purpose for the undesirable life experience whether its sickness, toxic relationships or money problems they will eventually manifest later in life in ways that play out similarly.

Cultivating Awareness is key for healing is to understand that emotional triggers are subconsciously chosen default reactions established from traumas out of fear from experiences and situations we lived. We repeat behaviorism’s that were created once out of survival but now repeated due to lack of presence.

If an emotional trigger can be assigned a conditioned, the condition can also be reconditioned to a state of wellness and balance. By practicing mindfulness, one can become mindfully triggered to become present when being emotionally triggered rather than reactionary.

Emotionally reactionary triggers are unhealthy defaults, they reflect a lack of control & a lack of being present that can be transmuted by doing body mind medicine. Yoga and weights are two simple forms of body mind exercise that helps individuals who have suffered psychic trauma to heal detachment issues and to retrain their nervous system.

Steps to healing.

First, identify and acknowledge how you are feeling. Scan your body for tension. Do you feel tightness, heaviness, buzzing, or tingling? Do you feel hot or cold? Stagnant energy that is held in the body is perceived as stress but is experienced differently to all individuals.

Some helpful things to remember when reading energy. The body-mind connection doesn’t just happen on a physical level but a chemical one. Our mind encompasses all mental states, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions which change our biological function. This is because our endocrine system, nervous system, and immune system are in constant communication and are relying on the same chemical language. Emotions such as fear, guilt, anxiety, sadness, jealousy manifest within the body as disease.

There are really only two emotions love and fear. All other emotions are stemmed from these two. Anger, anxiety, jealousy all come from fear which create stagnant and toxic energy blocks.

We express sadness and grief by crying and crying involves our entire respiratory system. Our throat, lungs, ribs, and nose. When we suppress the energy of grief and sadness, it is held within these areas of the body and overtime inevitably affecting the heart.

Anger triggers the body’s fight or flight response. The adrenal glands flood the body with stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. The constant flood of stress chemicals and associated metabolic changes cause a slew of problems that include digestion and abdominal pain, increased anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, skin and heart problems.

To release stagnant energy make a statement of intention. Say it out loud a few times then do something that is in alignment with the statement. Pairing an action that directly correlates to your intention lets your body know and mind get into sync.

Accept, embrace and treat your self with love for you have chosen these experiences on a deep level as part of your personal growth and soul’s evolution. It is important to release any associated feelings. Take a deep breath and forgive yourself and the habitual behavior.

Due to the body-mind connection, the way we think and feel and the deep seated habits and conditions you hold are what contributes to developing imbalances in the body and mind that lead to mental and physical disease. Learning to work with our emotions allows us to become more conscious of our thoughts that need to not only healed but need to be integrated.

Healing requires a combination of body, mind and spirit protocols. No one protocol is more important then another but depending on how far along a person is within their physical healing of their disease a strict nutritional and supplement regiment should be integrated daily, throughout the day with their spiritual practices.

It is helpful to look at all undesirable life experiences including disease through a spiritual perspective. It help’s us Embrace all our situation with love and helps us wok with the Divine to discover its true meaning. This is the key to permanently overcoming all obstacles as well as achieving overall wellness.

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