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Healing With The Knowledge of Spiritual Laws
The definition of spiritual laws refers to ethical and moral codes that can be applied to everything  and everyone in the universe.  Just as there are physical and natural laws which affect us, there are also spiritual laws which affect our eternal destiny. Spiritual laws give us a clear structure on how to achieve life mastery.
Spiritual Laws are the alchemist’s keys to love, freedom, joy, and fulfillment. They are stepping stones to navigating successfully through our own personal journey.
Spiritual laws are broken down into four categories  ”The Laws of Life”, “Laws of Creation”, “Laws of Higher Awareness”, “Laws of Higher Frequency”
The basic “Laws of Life” consist of  The Law of Attraction, Law of Resistance, The Law of Reflection, The Law of Projection, and The Law of Attachment.
The second set of Laws, “The Laws of Creation” Include The Law of Attention, The Law of Ebb and Flow, The Law of Abundance, The Law of Clarity, The Law of Prosperity, Law of Manifestation, and The Law of Success.
The third set of Laws which fall under “The Laws of Higher Awareness” consist of, The Law of Balance and Polarity, The Law of Karma, The Law of Reincarnation, Law of Responsibility and Discrimination, and The Laws of Meditation,Prayer, Affirmation and Challenges .
The last set of Spiritual Laws which fall under the category of “The Laws of Higher Frequency” include, The Law of Frequency, The Law of Miracles, The Law of Healing,  The Law of Purification, The Law of Perfection, Law of Gratitude Blessings, The Law of Faith, Grace, and One
The Law of One or Unity, is about accepting everyone and everything as they are, including ourselves. When we live under “The Law of One” we create associations and commonality which links us to each other and to God.
The Law of One or Unity reminds us that we are all part of one consciousness. It doesn’t coincide with our every day perceptions, but it is a paradox which sees both sides to the coin.
The Law of Free Will, Choice, and Karma. Our future experiences are made from past choices we have made. Choices are made from actions not words. Too have free will means to abide by the spiritual laws which resonate with your intuition and soul, instead of letting fears, impulses, reactions, and habits dictate your actions.
The Law of Presence, living in the moment. Time is a paradox which is abstract. Time  is a man made structure which only exists because of society. We can project our mind into the past or future, but it is only in the present do we live.
The Law of Compassion. Compassion is the recognition that we are doing the best that we can within the structures of our capabilities and beliefs.
The rule of compassion is the more you give to yourself, the more you are able to give to others and suggests that we are gentle, patient and free of judgement and expectations. This law is not arbitrary or conditional. It directs us with understanding and love, regardless of the situation.
The law of Faith. Faith is the bridge which connects our desires and dreams which are in the astral realm to manifesting them in the physical realm. The law of faith is about trusting that divine intelligence which works through all of creation.
Faith allows us to develop naturally from our own direct experiences; learning to trust ourselves through intuition, body instincts, and universal intelligence. Faith is a spontaneous inner knowing which allows us to see opportunity in difficult situations.
Fear is the opposite of faith. The intensity of a difficulty is often a sign we need to  strengthen and practice having faith.
The Law of Expectation. When we expand our beliefs about what is possible we are opening ourselves up,  to new opportunities. Before anything is manifested in the physical realm it is a belief, thought, or image in our mind. It is our beliefs which create structure through how we see the world.
The law of Expectation reminds us to adopt power to shape our lives through our desires, dreams, and goals. The Law of Expectation is constantly asking us to investigate and examine our  beliefs and replace negative and unsupportive ones with uplifting and supportive ones.
The Law of Integrity. Too live in alinement with The Law of Integrity is to live in our truth. To be able to express our authentic self and your highest vision despite your inner fears.
The Law of Integrity asks us to acknowledge and integrate  our weaknesses until we understand our inner values, motives, and inner desires until we can be true to ourselves. In breaking the Law of Integrity is punishment on it’s own and  causes a ripple affect of negative consequences, because of The Law of Karma. Learning to stand in our integrity assists in our own healing and growth in the evolution process.
The Law of Action. Action brings our potential to life. The Law of Action asks us to act out of courage, commitment, and clear intentions. Aside from our intentions and dreams we must take action in order to manifest our wants, needs, and desires.
Individuals who are fearful should focus on acts of bravery and act decisively instead of impulsively.
The Laws of Cycles. The rhythm of the universe is detected by patterns, cycles, and  ebb and flow of nature. All things happen in their own time. Changing and growing, waxing and waning, rising and falling, ebb and flow remind us of the laws of cycles. The law of cycles reminds  us that as seasons change so must we.
The Law of Surrender. To surrender means to accept. Surrender is about letting go of expectations and getting out of our own way. To embrace and turn over control to your higher power.
Surrender doesn’t mean to pretend, ignore, or deny our true feelings; it is about transforming them. Surrender is an internal act of willingness to embrace what happens. We should approach The Law of Surrender by asking the universe to present us with a solution which is supportive to everyone involved.
The Law of Grace dissolves karma, creates miracles and changes matter. The Law of Grace is divine mercy that sets us free. We can offer grace through our compassion, mercy, empathy, forgiveness and unconditional love
The Law of Vibration. Negative emotions such as fear, anger, resentment and jealousy have a low vibration in comparison to peace, love, happiness, and excitement. Science has taught us that everything in the world is made up of energy and, the energy which it is made up of ; vibrates at it’s own frequency. Depending on the emotion which an individual holds within their physical body and etheric level of the aura is what an individuals frequency is.
The Law of Resonance teaches us that like attracts like. The term “birds of a feather flock together” is an example which explains the law of resonance when referring to people and their personality and character.  The law of resonance teaches, It is our inner world which dictates our outer world experiences.
The Law of Healing. We are here to experience life in a physical body Certain physical choices are made by our soul and Higher- self before we incarnated here, in the physical realm. Many times these choices appear as defects or limitations, which cause us to develop judgements about ourselves. These judgements cause us to become spiritually blocked. Spiritual blocks manifest as imbalances in the physical body and are reflected in our outer world as undesirable life experiences.
The Law of Healing is when we  take responsibility and integrate our unconscious habits, conditions, and reflexes that sabotage our wellness and life experiences.
The Law of Karma. What one sews is what one reaps, and For every action there is a reaction. The Law of Karma is always working weather we are conscious or unconscious of our actions. Healing takes place when we take responsibility of our own inherited and non inherited karma. Karma is based on the scientific fact of cause and affect.
The Law of Gratitude. Gratitude means to give thanks. To be thankful is to be in a state of love and contentment , which allows us to receive.
The Law of Perception. Our mental state determines our perception. Depending on a persons consciousness and their awareness determines there unique reality. Everyone has human aspects of themselves which mask their divinity and true essence. We create these masks because of our distorted perceptions.
The Law of Purification. To purify means to remove contaminants from. Spiritual purification is where we purge our sins and guilt; it’s to morally or spiritually cleanse. Purification is a cleansing the body,mind, and spirit with healing rituals, nutrition and other holistic and spiritual modality or practice.
Law of Intention. To have an intention is an aim or a purpose. Our Intention is the most power force, because it directs our energy on what we want to make happen. It is our intention which determines our karma.
The Law of Balance and Polarity. This Law is also known as the Law of Symmetry. The world is made up of opposites, some examples are yin and yang, light and dark, and positive and negative. The law of balance applies to all levels of our being. The body, mind, spirit, and emotions.
This law reminds us that everything in life, can be either over or under done
The Law of Ebb and Flow. This law assures us that everything is in divine order. To go with the Ebb and flow is to accept every situation and experience we live, because we understand that every experience we have, is to help us grow and evolve.
Law of Abundance. Abundance refers to the state of consciousness which connects us to universal and God energy, which is our energy source. This universal law governs all of us, and abundance is always given and always available.
Law of resistance. This law teaches us that when we resist a situation or problem it persists. When we resist we are not accepting, which keeps us unconscious to what is blocking us from achieving our goals and having what we desire. Spiritual blocks cause imbalances on a body, mind, emotional, and spiritual level..
Law of Projection. The Law of Projection teaches us that every thing we see in our outer world experience is a projection create by our own subconscious mind. We project our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and expectations. All outer world begins with inward conditions. Our state of mind creates perceptions which we project out, creating our reality. Projections are formed from past perceived negative experiences, which have never been integrated.
Spiritual Laws give us profound knowledge to help us evolve into a higher state of consciousness. Apply Spiritual Laws gives us practical skills to help us achieve life mastery.
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Thank you for reading! And until next time, be True to Yourself!
Love and light, Laura Schwalm


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