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In honor of my up coming workshop ”Awaken your Inner Shaman with Medicine Cards” on 9/10/2013 for Holistic and Spiritual Transitions- I decided to write a blog on medicine cards.
I see that there is allot of blogs written about Medicine cards aka Animal totems descriptions but, nothing about why a Healer or a person in need of a healing would use medicine cards. As a Master Psychic healer who uses medicine cards in my practices I wanted to explain why they are a great tool to utilize for healing.
Feel free to leave your questions or comments on this blog concerning medicine cards as a healing modality or psychic dosing tool.
“It is only through the trial of experienced the lows in life as well as the highs, and through the trial of trusting one’s connection to the Great Spirit, that the right to use the essence of Eagle medicine is earned.”
Animal Totems otherwise known as medicine cards were originated in native America. They believed that animal totems express the spirit nature of the species and exemplifies qualities we can learn from.
Animals medicine cards are read by understanding each animals behavior for survival, characteristics physical and all other qualities can be seen as psychological and spiritual symbolisms.
Animal totems are archetypes which work with the subconscious mind. Triggering emotional, mental, psychological and even physical responses. These responses are a gateway to our healing karmic imprints as they are a tool which can help us along our personal path to self discovery.
To best understand the lessons conveyed by the animals cards which we pull, is to understand their instinctual behaviors and natural habits. Understanding an animals behaviors gives us clues and messages into healing our own wounds and imbalances.
Everyone has animal guides the same as everyone has guardian angels. Many people have several animal guides within their lifetime. An animal guide can come into a persons life for a short time and be replaced by another, depending on an individuals journey and spiritual path.
The purpose of your animal totems is to help advise, guide, and protect you as you learn to navigate through a combination of physical and spiritual tests– otherwise known as life.
If you are interested in getting a medicine card reading or learning how to read medicine cards you can contact me at or join my meet up group at . The next medicine card workshop is on Tuesday 9/10/2013 Part 1 Animal Cards-The Birds.
What Student/Healers will Learn in workshop 9/10
This weeks workshop is an Introduction to Medicine Cards:
1. Opening: grounding,centering and protection and setting up a sacred space
2. Student/Healers will learn how medicine cards originated (a brief history)
3. Student/Healers will learn the types of readings that can and can not be done with medicine cards
4. Student/Healers will learn about the birds which fly in the medicine deck. The Eagle, Hawk, Raven, Owl and Crow. We will learn the symbols, messages, and energies of each of these 5 totem.
5. Student/ Healers will also lean how the position of the card affects the meaning of each totem.
6. Closing– Student /Healers will be quizzed on the 5 totem- They will name famous people or known people who have traits of the Eagle, Hawk, Raven, Owl and Crow. Student/Healers must give examples.
Please bring a note book and pen or pencils. You will also be given hand outs so you may want to bring a folder I look forward to meeting everyone in person!
Please feel free to share with me what Holistic and spiritual topics you are most interested in learning at the end of the workshop.
If you are going to pay at the door please email through
The price is $20.00 in advance or $25.00 at the door The workshop is two hours please come on time! Payment is in either via, pay pal or cash at the door.
Contact information: Laura Schwalm- 917-359-058
Love and Light,
Laura Schwalm

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