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Finding your Souls Purpose.
By Master Psychic Healer-Laura Schwalm
A very common question I am asked as a spiritual advisor
and Psychic healer is “What is my purpose, and Why am
I here?”  So, I have decided to write a blog about it, because it is a
question I am hearing more frequently. Especially, with the world going through a paradigm shift, or more frequented term “Awakening”.Many people today feel very disconnected, not only from the earth, but themselves. The reason why is because they do not understand that they are not here by chance, but as part of Gods and the universes grand design.Unfortunately society has taught us that the answer for our lively hood, success and even our stability comes from resources that are outside of ourselves.Weather you were taught; to be successful you needed to have an education or be lucky enough to have made the right connections, never the less—we translate this to mean that we aren’t enough and do not have enough on our own
Spirituality as well as universal and metaphysical laws teach us that this left brain way of thinking, which society has taught us is not only limited, but it is a poverty conscious way of thinking. Making people feel defective. Defective, because it causes individuals to suffer with feelings that they aren’t capable. This way of thinking causes anxiety, and unnecessary feelings of being victimized. Instead of looking to, what special traits, hobbies, gifts, or knowledge can be utilized to co-create with, the universe.
It is through our own unique individuality and creativity we have free will to choose how we will contribute to humanity. It is actually through the spiritual law of Dharma we know there is such a thing as a souls path.
Each of us manifests in physical form to fulfill a unique purpose, our dharma – and it’s up to us to find out what that purpose is. Only then can we experience complete fulfillment .
When you live in the harmonious flow of dharma, the entire field of pure potentiality opens to you. You’re able to create as much happiness, and wealth as you want because you’re aligned with the domain of spirit, the unlimited source of all manifestation.
The spiritual law of dharma, lays out the three steps needed to align with, spirit and fulfill your life’s purpose with effortless ease. The first step is the decision to seek your higher Self. You come into the awareness that you are a spiritual being having a human experience spirit part of self is what is able to too express itself creatively through our divinity.
The second step of the Law of Dharma is finding your unique talent or gift. The dharma says that there’s at least one thing you can do, better than anyone else on the entire planet. When you’re completely absorbed, in expression, time seems to stand still. You love what you’re doing and you enter the universal state of timeless awareness of love.
To take the third step of the Law of Dharma, ask yourself the questions “How can I use my unique talent to serve humanity? How can I help others? When you are living it you are living in the flow of the universe. When you put the Law of Dharma into action, you no longer struggle or worry and instead begin to experience your life as an ecstatic expression of divinity.
Unfortunately, without knowing or understanding the Spiritual law of Dharma many people are ignorant to mastering their lives. Ironically, they would rather have someone tell them what to do to create fulfillment and security for themselves This eventually leads to many spiritual imbalances which manifest into physical imbalances as well as undesirable life experiences.
The root causes of imbalances, which manifest in the body, mind and spirit come from depression. If we do not like many of our life experiences we have to look at the way we think. So we can begin to analize our choices. Many of us have been taught what to think instead of how to think. This is the main reason why so many peoples unhappiness.
If you have been struggling to find your purpose then you need ask yourself 3 questions. They will help you discover the qualities you posses that can be successfully translated into a career, profession or your “souls purpose”
1) Where is your Focus? Focus on the big picture, rather than the specifics. The details will fill themselves in over time. Focus on the general direction you feel most drawn towards. Have a niche. Where do you loose, your time, energy, focus, and money?
2) Connect the dots of your life experiences, are you being led? What has created meaning in your life? Or what has affected you. Know your life’s path or souls purpose could evolve from. A traumatic experience, such as recovering from an illness, loosing a loved one, over coming a learning disability, loosing a home or child. The answer to how we use these traumatic events to find our souls path comes from teaching how we overcame these hardships many times.
3) What hobbies and interests have you always had?
For me I was always into witches, the color purple, been sensitive and intuitive, creative and imaginative and child like.
All these characteristics are of an Empathic Psychic Healer.
And by the way, color purple is the color of healing, spirituality and witch craft.
There are many stumbling blocks to manifesting, than I have listed in this blog, but typically the ones which I have listed below are the ones most people experience and struggle with. Removing these blocks initially unlocks your true potential.
1) Believing that one only need think of something for it to magically appear in their lives
2) Doubting ones ability to manifest
3) Not having the discipline to maintain the mindset and rituals of a true manifestor.
4) Not knowing what is truly desired
5) Desiring to manifest from a place of lack, rather than a place of abundance
6. Having a poverty consciousness mentality.
Thank you for reading! Namaste- Love and light,
Laura Schwalm
90 minute psychic soul reading and clearing combined with a Crystal healing treatment.
What is a Crystal Healing? Crystals are an alternative medicine technique that employs stones and crystals as healing tools. The practitioner places crystals on different parts of the body often corresponding to chakras, or places crystals around the body in an attempt to construct an “energy grid”, which is purported to surround the client with energy.

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