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Emotional intelligence is about being aware of feelings in yourself and others and understanding their impact.
Developing emotional intelligence is a valuable skill that not only allows you to know yourself better and helps you control your emotions but also helps you use social skills in a more effective but simple way .
All energy is consciousness. Belief is the key to expanding your brain’s functioning and helps you to achieve what you really want out of your life.
The Core issue to many unhappy conditions and sabotaging behaviorism’s come from the misuse of spiritual laws. We live in an intelligent universe which response to our mental state,  learning to control our thoughts allows us to automatically have allot more control in our environment .
In the Bible -Jesus said, “ It is done unto you as you believe”. Meaning we do not create on our own. We use the power of the “one mind/ God mind/ unity consciousness” also known as the universal mind which creates for us.
All our beliefs, fears, hurts, and  deep seeded convictions reflect them selves in our experiences, environment as well as our physical and mental health conditions.
The  activity of consciousness flows through us —the spirit cannot do for us only what it can do through us; without providing consciousness spirit cannot provide us with what we are asking. God is personal to us by being personified through us.
Thought form creates vibration and the physical universe is Spirit in form. We all are immersed in the energies of our own thinking which is a direct result of whatever we have said and done through our life, since coming into consciousness.
Thought attacks what it is like and repels what it is unlike . Since man was made in Gods image which is love- any lower vibration emotion creates spiritual blocks  which overtime causes sickness.
Health and sickness are largely externalizations of our most dominant and mental states. Modern psychology  also backs up this fact by  saying  —all thoughts and emotions we have ever experienced are still present and active in the mind. They manifest as subjective tendencies which mold the body in health or sickness as well as -are able to determine our most dominant reactions to our life experiences.
Are emotions and behaviorism’s are formed from many factors. The beliefs and principles we hold about ourselves, other people and the way we perceive life. The way we want to be seen by others, the lessons we learned both in childhood and later in life and our needs for affection and of course our goals and sense of purpose all contribute to how much Emotional intelligence we have to work with.
There are many benefits to obtaining Emotional  Intelligence .
Such as :
1. Helps us one to express themselves warmly and clearly.
2. Helps build better relationships  3.helps us to become resilient in difficult times.
4. Increases well being.
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