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The Spiritual Gift of Happiness

The spiritual gift of happiness is learning to draw satisfaction and contentment from the people, places, and situations available within our environment. Individuals who find it difficult to be contented. In most cases, have been conditioned to look at themselves and life as limited. Rather than being content and grateful for what they have, they focus more on what is wrong in their lives.

The act of focusing on imperfection and negativity pulls us away from our true essence, which is love and happiness. In order to change this negative behavior, we must catch ourselves when we fall into the habit of insisting that things should be a certain way.

Conditioning the mind to reject negative thoughts, which later turn to negative emotions, requires a lot of  consistency and determination. There should be an inner desire to want to change the way one thinks. When we begin to eliminate  negative thoughts in all areas of our life, we will begin to see ourselves and the world differently.  We  begin to appreciate our lives, the people in our lives, the situations in our lives, and experiences which unfold.

To achieve happiness:

  • Maintaining an optimistic attitude
  • Be interactive with life and living our dreams
  • Learn to look at our perceived failures as experiences which help us learn and grow

Work on important goals, be consistent. Don’t abandon yourself by abandoning your goals, dreams or desires. Always love and be true to yourself these are the two main ingredients for being happy.

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