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The human body contains vortexes of concentrated energy between our physical and spiritual bodies. These energy centers are called the Chakras. The levels of life force in our bodies have an impact on our inherent healing ability, as Chi, our life force helps to nourish organs and systems of the body, supporting them in their vital functions and contributing to the healthy growth and renewal of cells. However, the amount of chi isn’t always sufficiently replenished. There are many  impurities which can block energy channels known as  nadis.  Blocks and imbalances consist of energy forms we created from our own behaviorism. Spiritual imbalances of self-limiting thoughts and motives constitute the bulk of most energy blocks. The subtle and physical bodies are linked together by etheric matter so virtually anything that affects one automatically affects the other; thus, physical impurities such as body toxins caused by unhealthy diet, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, nervous tension, etc., cause corresponding obstructions in the subtle body as well.

If there are constant blocks over time the energy body becomes depleted, and this is when we become weaker and more susceptible to illness, disease, premature aging and even physical death, because our life force is low and not circulated properly throughout the body. This “energy” is the primal source of all forms of energy and manifests itself in various frequencies. Your level of consciousness (awareness) determines the frequencies of chi you are capable of receiving and storing.

Every imbalance, disease or disorder, a person manifests, feeds on negative thoughts and feelings. The more density there is in your mind, the more fuel your body has to degenerate.The first step towards healing is too set the intention that you are ready to get better. The next step is learning to understand your blocks and the behaviorism’s which manifest from them. Healing should encompasses every aspect of your being, including your physical health and fitness, emotional well-being, mental attitude, energetic welfare and spiritual strength. It is important to understand that your body is self healing and with the right knowledge and conscious action you can heal not just your physical body but your life.

Healing means internal transformation. To heal, you need to change your thoughts, feelings and actions from sabotaging and non serving too fruitful and empowering. Whatever part of the body is experiencing a problem, needs to be looked at, as a metaphorical representation of the challenges you are dealing with in your life.

As a Master Psychic Healer, I see a lot of clients, who change their lives and let go of problems, when they begin to understand the interconnection between their ways of living and the problem they are experiencing.

Your body is your teacher. It gives you opportunities to learn and expand. Once you have learned your lessons, it heals because there is no need to keep holding onto the pain any longer. Our bodies teach us spiritual lessons too evolve our consciousness into Christ consciousness. Personally learning through intimate experiences of love, compassion, forgiveness, courage, and much more.
Healing takes you through many different stages and layers of discovering who you are. Sometimes, change happens quickly, at other times slower. Healing occurs on many levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. So, be patient with your process.

Psychological Spiritual Meanings of The Systems & Metaphysically Healing

The Nervous System
The nervous system helps us to create a link between our external and internal worlds. It teaches us that what we experience within is also reflected in the outside. The nervous system begins to breakdown, when we experience internal and external conflict, stress and fear.
To work with the nervous system, create a daily practice that includes body mind medicine, yoga or weight training to recondition how the body deals with stress
(other suggestions to aid with healing and reconditioning of the nervous system)
*breathe work *Ayurvedic detox work *Energy Psychology *nutrition
The Circulatory System
The circulatory system provides sustenance and nurturing to our bodies. It teaches us about relationships with other people and with ourselves. The circulatory system begins to break down, when we blame others for our experiences, hold onto anger, fear and self-loathing. To regenerate the circulatory system, we need to be willing to take risks and open our hearts to love.

The Lymphatic System
The lymphatic system helps to cleanse our bodies and destroys bacteria. It teaches us how to stand up for ourselves and fight for what we believe in. The lymphatic system begins to break down, when we allow fear, guilt and doubts to rule our lives.
To restore the lymphatic system, we need to develop self-esteem, self-appreciation and creativity. We need to allow ourselves to play and be spontaneous.

The Respiratory System
The respiratory system keeps us alive buy supplying oxygen to the blood and releasing waste products. It gives us energy, helps us grow and move. It teaches us how to recognize what works and is helpful in our lives, and what we need to let go of. The respiratory system begins to break down, when we carry feelings of resentment, bitterness, judgement and anger.

The Digestion System                                                                                                                 Our digestion system breaks down food for energy to maintain and repair the body. Our digestion begins to break down, when we sabotage our progress, buy into fear, hold onto guilt and act like victims.To improve the digestive system, we need to start nourishing, loving and honoring ourselves by listening to our intuition, practicing patience and using our creative talents and abilities.

The Muscular System
The muscular system gives us strength, support and the ability to move. It helps us to see things from different points of view and have flexibility in our bodies and lives. The muscular system begins to break down, when we stress, carry too much responsibility on our shoulders and become stuck. To heal the muscular system, we need to relax, build our confidence, express our feelings.

The Reproductive System
The reproductive system allows us to experience sexual connection, nourishment and life. It helps us to express love, experience pleasure and give birth. The reproductive system begins to break down, when we hold onto guilt, shame and humiliation from past relationships.
To heal the reproductive system, we need to learn how to value ourselves, forgive others and enjoy our sensuality.

The Urinary System
The urinary system removes waste from the body. The urinary system begins to break down, when we feel irritated, angry and bitter or “pissed off”. To heal the urinary system, we need to take responsibility for our actions, recognise that we always have a choice, and increase our self-worth.

The Skeletal System
The skeletal system provides support, protection and structure for the body. It helps us to protect the other body systems from external environment and teaches us about boundaries. The skeletal system begins to break down, when we judge ourselves and others harshly, feel betrayed, resentful and bitter. To strengthen the skeletal system, we need to become flexible, self-sufficient and learn to look for blessings in challenging situations.
The Endocrine System
The endocrine system produces and releases hormones into the blood, which act as messengers that influence almost every part of the body. It helps us to regulate our emotions, behaviors and metabolism. The endocrine system begins to break down when we experience stress,confusion and frustration. Include meditation to your schedule twice a day To help create a more balanced, healthy and happy lifestyle.
The Immune System
The immune system protects us against viruses, disease and other harmful imbalances. The immune system begins to breakdown when we feel insecure, experience inner conflict and feel stressed. To strengthen the immune system, we need to focus within and allow the innate wisdom of our body to heal any imbalance and to maintain overall wellness. We need to stay true to ourselves and have the courage to stand up for what we believe in.

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