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Music is a universal language that transcends all barriers, whether race, culture, nation, and age. The word rhythm in the Greek dictionary means flow. Drums have been used for thousands of years, for many purposes and cultures around the world. Healers known as Shamans and Witch doctors have used drums in helping them reach altered states of consciousness where they can connect to different cosmic and spiritual dimensions.

Drumming has many therapeutic effects on the body, mind, and spirit. It can be used as a powerful tool in reconditioning the body-mind connection and helps individuals that have a post-traumatic stress disorder. Drumming also synchronizes non-verbal, lower parts of the brain with the language and reasoning parts of the brain, known as the frontal cortex

Drumming is equivalent to a workout for the mind and increases creativity. Because of the coordination across both sides of the brain allows not only for creativity but insight. The transmission of rhythmic movement to the brain synchronizes the left logical hemisphere with the right intuitive hemisphere.  Drumming has many therapeutic effects on the body, mind, and spirit.

Drumming Produces Deeper Self-Awareness by Inducing Synchronous Brain Activity The sound waves produced by the drum impart their energy to the resonating systems of the body, mind, and spirit, making them vibrate in sympathy. When we drum, our energetic body, brainwaves, and spiritual energy centers begin to vibrate in response.

This sympathetic resonance leaves healing effects up to 72 hours after a drum session. These powerful effects can best be described regarding their influence on the subtle energy centers known as chakras. The physiological system that seems to correspond most directly with the chakras is the endocrine system. The endocrine system is a system of internal glands that are releasing messenger molecules into the bloodstream Those molecules communicate with other organs and the nervous system and are known as hormones.  There are many glands, as there are many chakras, but in biology, just like in spirituality, the focus is on seven central kidneys or groups of organs.
ENDOCRINE/ Chakras / Psychological and Physical
7th  Crown
The lymphatic system, body clock, fear of death/faith, inspiration, selfless service
6th Brow
Soul realization, wisdom, peace of mind, ‘boss’ of the endocrine system, conscious living
Thyroid, parathyroid, hypothalamus
5th Throat
Power of spoken word, creative expression, devotion to self, suffocation of life, involuntary systems (breathing, heart rate)
8th Christ consciousness
Slow to mature, fear of rejection, self-acceptance, constant evolution, the bridge between dualities, creator of own world
4th Heart
Understanding, group consciousness, ONE with ALL
3rd Solar plexus
Change, moodiness, personal power, authority, self-control, transformation, awakening
2nd Sacral
Give/receive, movement, family, in/tolerance, harmony within a group
1st Root
The material world, mastery of the physical world, overindulgence, fight/flight

Research has found that Drummers have higher levels of a brain substance in the spinal cord and help them solve their problems faster and more efficiently and their body produces white blood cells that protect them from cancer cells.

Blood samples from participants of an hour-long drumming session revealed a reversal of the hormonal stress response and an increase in natural killer cell activities.

Individuals who drum in a weekly music therapy group were less anxious, less distressed and had higher self-esteem and have shown an increase in natural killer cell activity and an enhanced immune system.

The predictability of rhythm may provide the framework for repetitive responses that make few cognitive demands on people with dementia and reduces Alzheimer’s disease. Rhythmic cues can help retrain the brain after a stroke or other neurological impairment, Researchers have discovered that hearing slow, steady rhythms, such as drumbeats, allows Parkinson patients move more steadily

Drumming  not only Provides a Medium for healing physical issues but allows Individual Self-Realization.  Drumming helps us to reconnect to our core, enhancing  healing while empowering  and stimulating  creative expression. Drumming is a channel for self-expression. It is non-verbal, emotion-based, and sound-mediated.

Each person in a drum circle can express themselves through his or her drum while listening to the other drums at the same time. Each person can drum out their feelings without having to reveal their issues. Group drumming complements traditional talk therapy methods. It provides a means of exploring and developing the inner self. It serves as a vehicle for personal transformation, consciousness expansion, and community building.

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