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The Chakras are seven spiritual centers in the human body. Each chakra is related to a layer in the aura. These energies represent what and who you are and in turn, are affected by your surroundings and life style. They reflect your health, character, mental activity and emotional state.

The chakras are energy transducers in the aura in which they receive, process, and transmit universal life force energies known as chi. They circulate chi our life force throughout the body bringing oxygen and nutrients to cells, organs, muscles and organ tissue. The aura is made up of a complex combination of atoms, molecules and energy cells which generate a large magnetic energy field that can be sensed, felt and even seen.

Our chakras serve to integrate the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual character traits of human consciousness into Christ consciousness. The chakras interact with specific aspects of our consciousness and have individual characteristics and functions, each corresponding to various major organs and glands in the body’s endocrine system.

The human aura is a reflection of ones chakras. The aura is often referred to as the subtle energy bodies and auric field. The seven layers of our aura are known as the Etheric Layer, Emotional Layer,Mental Layer,Astral Layer, Etheric Template, Celestial Layer and Ketheric Template.

The first layer of your aura is the Etheric layer. It is closest to the physical body. Represents all physical aspects of the world as well as the physical body, muscle, tissue, bones,etc. Represents all major systems of the physical body. The endocrine system, immune system and skeleton system. The first chakra represents the root chakra.

The second layer is the Emotional layer. It represents our emotions and feelings.This second layer represents the sacral chakra

The third layer is known as the Mental layer. It represents thought, cognitive processes and states of mind. This layer represents the third chakra the solar plexus

The fourth layer is the Astral layer. Represents where we form astral cords with others. This layer represents the fourth chakra known as the heart chakra.

The fifth layer is the Etheric Template. It represents the entire blueprint of the body and everything you create on this physical plane. Such as identity, personality and overall energy. This layer represents the fifth chakra known as the throat chakra,

The sixth layer is the Celestial layer. This layer represents the connection to the Divine and all other beings. This layer reflects the sixth chakra known as the third eye.

The last layer of the aura is the  seventh layer is known as the Ketheric Template. This layer reflects your crown chakra. It holds all the information about your soul and previous lifetimes and represents oneness with the Divine and all energies of the universe.

Your energy level, ones environment, emotional state, and the way one uses any particular part of their energy greatly influences the size of their aura.Imbalances and Diseases are caused by depletion, congestion or blockage of chi in an individuals energy body. In fact, stress, trauma and emotional pain usually show imbalances in an individuals magnetic energy field long before they manifest as disease in the physical body.

It is a good idea to protect and balance your aura from time to time this clears out any negative thought patterns and emotional blocks and sets a shield of protection around yourself assisting your body to retain chi our life force energy.

Your energy body, more than any other single human trait, manifests the sum and substance of your existence as an endless life force in the universe. Your whole energy system can uncover important resources that would prolong life, help avoid sickness and disease as well as enrich your life with new insights. Having a clear understanding of the anatomy of your energy system known as your chakras and aura field will enable you to take control of your overall well-being.


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