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Did you know that the same energy which forms heaven, earth the stars and the cosmos are in all living beings? God created man in his image, human beings therefore are microcosm of the universe.

Our energy known as Chi circulates along energy channels in the human body similar to how radio waves travel through space. The energy in the physical body is directed to move by ones thoughts, intentions and feelings and is carried through the body. Chi is the source of all movement in the universe. Everything from the motion of the stars, planets, radiation from the sun and the patterns of our thoughts and emotions occur because of our energy known as Chi.

The human body is a network of energies that sustain the physical body. The human bodies subtle energy system functions along side the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems. There is allot more to the human body then just the physical body. There are energy bodies within and around the physical body called the subtle body, ethereal body, emotional/astral body, mental body and spiritual body. In addition to our different bodies the human body has different energy systems known as the chakras, nadis and meridians.

Energy is equivalent to the force of vitality. This vital energy has different names in different cultures. A few are: Holy Ghost in Christianity, ki in Japanese, and Chi to  Taoist. Chi is one of the most fundamental parts of the universe. Everything we do is somehow connected to this energy.  When humans are clear of psychological and physical blocks Chi flows through the circulatory system easily but when we are stressed our chi becomes stagnant causing tension and eventually physical imbalances.

Humans acquire chi through solar energy, air and the ground. They are able to absorb it through breathing, their pores and energy centers. They are able to gather it from different resources and integrate it with the Chi that is already inside the body in order to adjust imbalances and improve overall health.

The physical body is a self healing organism, so – healing is mainly about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself. Chi is able to transform itself in new forms, therefore all states of existence are temporary manifestations of energy especially those of physical matter. The level of consciousness an individual has is what determines not just their frequency but how much energy a they can receive and store.

The energy body is a complex structure known as the chakras. They are energy vortexes which represent physiological and psychological aspects of ourselves. They also represents the status of our energy and directly influence the glands and organs located in the vicinity of the imbalanced chakra. Our subtle body known as the energy body is a blueprint and reflection of the physical body and is composed highly of etheric matter. Etheric matter is the binding matter between non-matter and matter, the physical and non-physical. Chi is the bridge between consciousness and the physical body and since the body, mind and spirit are linked, a change in one changes the other two which inevitably creates lasting overall wellness ,


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