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At some point in life, we have felt discouraged. Everyday stresses and pressures can easily drain our strength and make us throw our hands up to surrender. Instead of giving in to discouragements, we can consider the following tips to overcome them:
1. Do have an unrealistic expectation of how fast it takes to manifest. We get easily discouraged when situations and experiences do not happen the way we want them too. We have to be patient, without patience, we become frustrated and abandon our goals.. In order to accomplish our goals we have to be consistent, even if we do not see the physical results. If at first we do not succeed, try another approach until you reach our goal.
2. Everything is perspective. Turn failures into something positive. Failures are part of life. It may hurt at first, but we must keep in mind that there are lessons to be learned in all failures. Use failures as opportunities to rise up and emerge as better persons.
3. Learn to take criticisms, be it constructive or destructive. We must never let negative words discourage or defeat us. We know ourselves better than anyone else does. Focus on what we know is true, that is, we have the capacity to pursue happiness and fulfillment.
4. Never think or say, “I can’t.” If we keep on thinking that we cannot do a particular task, chances are, we will never be able to do it. Many people never discover their true potential because they are too afraid to try. The first step to manifesting is to have faith and believe in ourselves.
5. Be determined and persevering. We have to be persistent and enduring to be able to reach our potential. These are the most important factors in overcoming disappointments.
Notice when you have Rage or anger. Anger and rage is a strong feeling of displeasure. It is an uncontrolled emotion when we feel hurt or aggrieved. If not handled appropriately, it can cause other toxic emotions that lead to sabotaging behaviors. Learn to deal with anger quickly before it turns into bitterness and hatred.
The first step is determining the cause of our rage. Than, get emotions out by journaling and sharing our emotions with a friend or counselor. It is important to not keep anger bottled up within.
From my own personal experience is that forgiveness is the best way to deal with rage because it allows us to surrender and let go. Forgiveness is the reward for an honest healing process. The act of forgiveness allows us to get rid of excess emotional baggage that may have been holding us back and weighing us down. Practicing forgiveness is a priceless virtue that can only be realized through an honest reconciliation with one’s past and a genuine openness to heal the spirit and renew life.
Worry, Anxiety, And Stress
Worry is one component of anxiety, which is described as internal restlessness. Stress is the physical, mental, and/or emotional factor that causes tension. When left unchecked, these imbalances result lead too serious physical imbalances and disorders.
To overcome these three barriers to happiness, we may consider the following:
1. Change our outlook in life. Have a positive attitude.
2.Reading the scriptures and spiritual materials is full of inspiring verses that will lift the spirits and encourage us to fight our way through life.
2. Initiate some changes in lifestyle. Start small. Small and meaningful changes can cure boredom and burnout that can cause stress and anxiety.
3. Get enough sleep. Adults are advised to get 6-8 hours of sleep. When we are sleeping, our mind and body get their much-needed rest. Worries, anxiety, and stress can keep us awake; and lack of sleep results to restlessness
4. Have adequate exercise and relaxation. Like sleep, exercise and relaxation also release chemicals that help decrease anxiety. They free our minds from all worries and cares in life.
5. Be in the moment and live each day as it comes. We must leave the past behind, not worry too much about the future, and focus on the present. Yesterday is past and gone forever. Tomorrow is yet to come and no one knows what it holds for us. What matters is today because we can live only in the moment.
6. Create a relaxing environment by listen to relaxing music, lighting candles and burning incense. Some types of music have a calming and soothing effect on our minds and soul. A variation of this is to surround us with pleasant smells. Stimulating other senses helps to balance our energy by shutting off the mind and relaxing the body.
7. Consider medications and a spiritual practice to train the mind to focus on intentions instead of fear. The number one way to deal with stress is choosing where to keep your focus.
8. Clear Envy And Jealousy
Envy stems from dissatisfaction. Being envious keeps our focus on what others have instead of appreciating what we have. Jealousy, is another source of dissatisfaction and one form of “self-torture.” Having low self-esteem causes envy and jealousy. These can only be resolved when we trust and believe in ourselves.
9. Pessimism is synonymous with skepticism. Skeptics. always anticipate negative events and often, this thought paralyzes them from taking action.
To overcome pessimism by having the discipline to look at the good side, the will to improve, and conviction that recovery is possible by following certain guidelines.
1. Have strong faith. Trusting a power greater than ourselves may be helpful to see the brighter side of things. We must revitalize our spirituality and faith in Universal Power.
2. Surround us with optimistic people.
3. Cultivate an open mind. Understanding that there is some value in criticism may help us open our eyes to the fact that happiness in life is worth pursuing.
4. Do a self-assest our behavior. We start by comparing our behavior with that of our family members, friends and people in our environment. Learn to objectively identify productive and healthy behaviors. We must realize that pessimism affects our capacity to feel happy emotions to the fullest.
5. Seek empowerment. We should learn to focus on our goals and the things that we want in life. We must constantly tell ourselves that we can succeed. Never let other people opinions drag us to negativity and pessimism.
6. Love yourself enough too take responsibility for our own happiness.
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