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Aura Attachments by Master Psychic Healer, Laura Schwalm

Aura attachment are anything outside of an individual, which feeds off their energy and/or emotions. It can be a thought form that has taken on a life of its own. Thought forms act like occupants in the spirit body affecting overall energy, because they cause imbalances in the chakras.  A negative thought form creates an internal conflict and feeling of being held back and sabotaged by someone or something.

Some signs of having entity contamination are  low energy, being easily distracted, having difficulty staying present and being consumed with negative emotions.

A hook or attachment from one or more persons, or a discarnate being feeds off the energy or thoughts from its host. Discarnate’s are beings which have died, but haven’t crossed over, and are stuck in limbo “Bardo” . They attach to people who hold lower vibrational frequencies of emotions, like, anger, fear, and rage. They use people who live in the physical world for their body, and to use their discordant energies as fuel.

Discarnate’s are able to keep their hosts in lower frequency states, by pulsating thoughts into their psyche to provoke negative thought patterns and emotions. A discarnate’s main goal is to keep their victim in a state of fear.

Some discarnate’s are psychic portholes and psychic cords. Portholes are energetic openings in a persons auric field, which allows life force to escape, leaving individuals depleted of energy. Psychic Portholes act  like rips and holes, allowing other peoples discarnate energy to enter your auric field, effecting  overall health, wellness and energy levels.

Negative Psychic Cords are  repetitive limiting and sabotaging thoughts sent out and/or received, working like an energetic vacuum and psychic vampire.

Individuals are susceptible to entity contamination when they are around people, who have lower vibrational energies due to physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual imbalances. Such as unhealed psychic trauma, drug addiction, being around a toxic person or environment, as well as, bad lifestyle habits.

The good news is, entities can be controlled and expelled with spiritual rituals such as Spiritual Response Technique, sage, energy healing, prayer, and meditation.

Causes of Entity Contamination are knowing you are doing things which sabotage your well being, such as doing drugs, drinking and smoking. Though, entity contamination can be a manifestation from several different sources. Including but not limited to- depression, anxiety, fear, addictions, suicidal tendencies, phobias, blocks in relationship , bad health, rage, hyperactivity, money problems, and blocks to personal and spiritual growth. This does not mean that every instance of problem is entity related, so use discernment in assessing things.

It is important to remember that everyone has an auric field due to having psychic centers, and that everyone is born psychic. Although, individuals who are spiritually blocked due to discarnate’s and other auric attachments will have a hard time accessing their psychic gifts.

Clearing the Aura allows people  to make decisions that are in alinement with their higher self and souls purpose. They also experience an increased of energy, receive intuitive information clearer and more often, and are able to focus and concentrate without internal distractions. Individuals have also improved their overall health, because all imbalances originate from Spiritual blocks in the subtle body.

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