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Less than 30 years ago, the concept of an integrated mind-body-spirit was nonexistent in Modern medicine. The mind was believed to be a product of the brain—the master control center over the body. But science shattered this notion in the late 1970s and discovered that the brain reigns supreme as the seat of intelligence, thought, memory and emotion.

The mind and the body are one entity — this is the new paradigm of understanding overall wellness. Viewing the neurological, endocrine and immunological systems as a unified communications network that connects every facet of body and mind. Organ system, to blood, muscles, glands, neurons, bones and immune cells, as well within emotion-mediating areas of the brain. In other words, the very same biochemicals that run our bodies and brains are also mediating our emotions.

Whether or not there is conscious awareness of such processes, states of mind actually exist throughout the body.

There is power in the universe that anyone can access when they reach a state of calm within themselves. Our brain awakens when it recognizes thoughts,emotions and physical sensations that arise within ourselves. Knowing how to act instead of react from our internal dialogue allows us to invent or reinvent ourselves to manifest the life and life experiences we want to have.

The power of our words have purpose not just in what we intend to do but how those words significantly effect our reason to be.. In other words how we select what we say and how we make ourselves right in doing so would be the purpose of intention.

The neural networks we make are continually reinforcing neurological pathways which become automatic reactions that eventually mold us into the people we are today. Each choice we make creates a focus for our brain to guide neurons that interact and talk to each other, creating new connections or reinforcing old ones.

Our brain is like a muscle, the pathways which process our experiences get stronger the more they are activated.

Neuroplasticity is a physiological ability in the neural system referring to it’s capacity to adapt and change. A physical change occurs in the nervous system when we experience a change in thought, emotion and behavior. The word plasticity is used because our experiences are what is literally molding and shaping the neurons in the brain.

Developing an inner muscle that is stronger then the cognitive and emotional aspects of the outer world is reliant on having a strong core belief and purpose. This allows us to contribute to the world without becoming  a victim to the negative parts of it.

In short, the goal is to have ones inner reality be greater then ones outer reality by focusing our intention which have meaning, emotion and drive behind it. Channeling our internal  resources allows us to adapt and engage neurological pathways which give us the desired outcomes we seek.

An awakened mind means an awakened life. Learning to live from our internal  visions we desire regardless of outside circumstances. When our internal reality is feels stronger and more real then our outer reality– we are able to act from choice.

Each life experience contributes to our waking up to broader perspectives which allows us to heal, transform and transcend our lives and really understand what life is about.


Laura Schwalm is a Master Psychic Healer who helps people heal and balance their body, mind and spirit with holistic and spiritual practices. To read about her services go to to read about her workshops go to holistic-and-spiritual-transitions-in-st-augustine/

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