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When doing energy work for healing or any other self transformation work it is important to increase and balance ones energy. To raise your vibrational frequency there are many different types of exercises to build, strengthen and expand your ability to channel energy for healing.
Chi, Mana, Prana or Ki are all words that refer to life force energy.
Tai Chi, Chi gong, Yoga, and dance are a few physical activities that help in increasing life force. While, meditation and toning raise frequency and increase energy on a vibrational and energetic level. Alternating between physical, mental, and spiritual techniques– ensures the channeler balance and helps them too avoid getting drained.
Channel Building
The purpose of Channel building is to strengthen the flow of energy for healing.
All human beings have meridian-energy pathways, which govern all systems in the physical body, the immune system, digestion system and endocrine system. How well an individuals energy flows- distinguishes their wellness. Stagnant energy, known as spiritual blocks or energy blockages cause many different types of imbalances- which lead to disease.
There are many Channel building exercises, as there are healers. No method is better than another. It is strictly the healers preference. I personally like to use the Microcosmic Orbit also known as the “Self Winding Wheel,of the Law and the circulation of light”.
The home practice for the Microcosmic Orbit is twenty minutes long and is a sitting or lying down meditation.
1.The first steps are to still the body, calm the mind and regulate the breath. If you are sitting make sure that your spine is upright
2.Focus your attention below your solar plexus center (naval) and visualize a ball of energy while keeping your focus on your solar plexus,until you can feel the energy from the ball. This can come in the form of heat, vibration, and/or a sensation. Remember- everyone experiences energy differently.
3. Begin Abdominal breathing. This breathing method starts by inhaling through the nose so your abdominal expands (not your chest) Exhale through a slightly opened month, keep your tongue behind upper teeth so it is lightly touching the palate. Exhale so abdominal muscles contracts and air expels gently.
4. Inhale and visualize an energy ball moving through your naval chakra past the HuiYin (the center of the perineum gland) This is our center which controls balance. Than visualize the energy move up through the coccyx. Than visualize the energy going up to the Ming Men, a center which, is located between the kidneys and 2nd lumbar. This center is considered a very powerful energy center in Chinese Medicine. Than see the energy ball where your ribs meet the spine, than through this area and right up to the back of the head, where it joins the neck.
5. Visualize the energy ball in the center of your brain, taking in energy through the crown chakra.
6. Next focus your attention on your 3rd eye, draw in energy from the kidneys and liver, than feel the energy go through the roof of your mouth. (this can cause tingling or throbbing). This is the end of the inhalation.
The Microcosmic Orbit is good for all forms of running and channeling energy. Even though the Microcosmic Orbit is a Taoist meditation it can be combined with other energy work derived from different cultures. For instance, many people use this Taoist method before doing a Japanese Usui Reiki healing. The Microcosmic is just one technique For circulating and refining energy.
I use this method of channel building before I begin any psychic readings or do any type of healing practice or ritual. Doing spiritual/psychic work requires allot of energy. Doing Psychic Readings and Spiritual Work for a living- it, can easily drain or imbalance my energy, if I do not channel build prior to work.
It is important to remember that our life force energy– known as Prana, circulates around the body in a network of energy channels known as meridians. Our life force nourishes and supports all our organs and body systems. The Microcosmic Meditation allows us to dissolve energy blockages before they turn into physical imbalances that cause disease.
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