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The Cosmic Law of Reality

There is a difference between reality and actuality. Reality is the outer appearance that is perceived by the senses. Actuality, is the true nature of a situation or thing within the universe. Our senses only perceive a very small fraction of the world in which we live. Reality is the illusion of one’s limited perspectives. These realities dissolve and become uprooted when the mind awakens to the true nature and capabilities of oneself and the Universe.

Our true power lies within, nothing is impossible. The only stumbling block to performing every conceivable miracle is the lack of knowing or believing that all things are possible. Know that nothing outside of you can hold you back or prevent you from succeeding. It is our ignorance of understanding who we are, combined with our perceived limitations which blocks us from achieving our goals and manifesting our desires.

It is important to not make a final decision to what you see, when manifesting. Our physical senses are limited to the powers of the universe, look within to discover the true nature about the universe in which you live. All things are possible if you are able to see with inner vision. We are all born with inner vision. It is known as clairvoyance and spiritual knowing.  Our society and environment have separated this knowing, and from our true innate spiritual nature that has access to these gifts.

To live from the deity part of self, which is the God part if self,  is to live by your bliss. When we heal ourselves of our spiritual/psychological blocks we transform and transcend into a higher state of consciousness. This higher state of consciousness leads us to oneness.

It is important to note that spiritual/psychological blocks have several different names but, they all mean the same thing. A few can be seen in examples such as, soul wounds, karmic programs, karmic debt, and samakaras.  All psychological and spiritual blocks become part of the psychic body which is considered the energy body. Our energy body controls our endocrine system and our nervous system. By healing inherited family karmic debt, we are able to repair and heal DNA. We also are able to create more fulfilling and successful lives, far better than our ancestors.

Technology has allowed us to evolve on the physical plane. The physical plane is connected to the ego mind, which is all about survival. This consciousness makes us feel limited and fearful. bringing us further away from Oneness, our truth. Oneness is felt from within only when there is stillness in the mind. When we live by this consciousness we see the harvest where others see none.

  • See abundance where others see only poverty.
  • See wholeness where others see disease.
  • See love where others see hatred.
  • See solutions where others see problems.
  • See strength where others see weakness.
  • See success where others see failure.

Laura Schwalm is a Master Psychic Healer who helps individuals heal and balance their body, mind, and spirit with Holistic and Spiritual practices. To read about the psychic readings and other spiritual and holistic services Laura Schwalm offers please go to

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