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Cosmic Laws continued:

For years pagans, witches and sorcerers have used cosmic laws to manipulate energy. Knowing how spiritual and cosmic laws can help us not only avoid undesirable life experiences but they can help us to manifest our deepest desires quickly and easily. Working with cosmic laws you are working within the structures and rules of the universe.

The Law of Seven: There are seven colors in the rainbow, seven notes in an octave scale to name a few examples of the Law of Seven

Law of Magnesium: The law of Magnesium relates to the fact that everything has a vibrational frequency, which is radiated from its aura. Every magnetic field possesses a dual quality, which we call polarity. Those poles direct the law of attraction. Magnetic fields are influential and reactionary. Humans have a magnetic field like everything else we unconsciously affect our surroundings. We can influence our surroundings to create an essence of what we want to experience or desire. An example would be decorating for a wedding or election.

The Law of Attraction also known as the Law of Fixation:  The law of attraction, like attracts like, and birds of a feather flock together. This law works on a vibrational frequency bringing the object, thing or person who holds the same ‘’emotional frequency’’ together. Since we are creating our world every moment we are consciously creating our worldview. We are unconsciously always editing our perceptions by rearranging our attention. We can change our realities to what we desire to become true by shifting the doors of our perceptions.

The Law of Self Preservation: This is one of the most important laws because it has to do with how all forms of life physical and non physical, work and live together.

The Law of Harmony: In order for the whole universe to evolve and to maintain integrity at every level which it operates. Harmony is the result of the right relationships. Living in harmony means living in oneness with all things. Recycling and energy conservation are examples of the right use of energy resources.

The Law of Love: Love is one aspect of God; love is a motivating force that causes motion, attraction, and growth. Divine love works on a higher frequency and is an active expression of God consciousness. Love gives one access to spiritual and divine energies. One’s spiritual growth relies on the enfoldment of love within a person’s life.

The Laws of Records: Every event which ever happens in the universe is stored in the Akashi records, Akashi records literally means space. These cosmic substances and their impressionable nature are referred to in certain religions as the book or records, or the law of record impressions or the Angel recordings.

The Law of Economy: The law of economy refers to the right use of energy, force, matter, and space. The right use of thoughts, words, actions, and the right use of directions and impressions.

The Law of Word: Power Words have force and words are in place of symbols and can have many meanings. Words can change inner and outer realities whether we are conscious of it or not. A group consciousness is able to transform a collective reality for one common purpose.

The Law of Synchronicity: This is the law of relative truth. Every statement is true and false.

The Law of School: also known as the Law of Evolution. Higher self, spiritual guru, oneness, seeks to know and utilizes work and services. It gathers and congregates with other like minded spiritualist who have the same ideals. Information on Spiritual Org. and teaching

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