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Crystal grids are charged crystals that are placed in a geometric pattern to create an intention for manifestation. A geometric pattern is used, because Sacred Geometry is the language of the universe.

The type of crystals used and the geometric patterns are just as diverse as the uses. Some uses are:

– Love
– Health
– Amplify confidence
– To Bring Fortune and Amplify Abundance
– Focus and clarity
– Aura and Chakra cleansing
– World peace / world healing
– Connection to the divine
– distance Healing

All crystals that are chosen for the grid, need to be cleansed and programmed before placing them in the grid.

First choose your master crystal. The master crystal is the communicator. It communicates the intention to all surrounding stones in the grid. this stone communicates to the other crystals. The type of crystals used depend on the intention, and they are usually chosen by spiritual guidance and intuition. Although, Clusters, pyramids, merkhaba etc are ideal.

Aside from the crystals in the grid, you will also need an Activation wand. The Activation wand is used to direct your intentions to each crystal, in the grid.

When doing a distance healing, have a photo of the person, their name and date of birth written on paper, and place both, the photo and paper under the master crystal. If the grid is to counteract a catastrophe or send healing or an intention to a different country or person in a different country- then again, write down the country name -and as much information or key words on a piece of paper too focus your intention on.

Listed below are easy steps to creating a grid at home.


Some research suggests placing the grid in the North area for a stronger energy field, but go with what you feel is intuitively right. Putting your grid in a sacred space, such as the corner of your bedroom or any place the grid can remain for at least a few days. The space should be in a room that is peaceful. To increase the energy use the same area to pray and meditate. Having insense, candles and statues also helps amplify the intention of the grid.


Now that the grid is set up, take 5 minutes to ground yourself, relax and meditate. This shifts the brain into Alpha state.Getting into Alpha mode helps clear the mind so one has more focus,which allows intuition to flow easier.

To get your grid active, first hold your wand, then state your intention or say an affirmation. Basically,say what you want the grid to be used for. As you state your intention, focus and visualize exactly on what you want to see manifest. The reason for this step, is that your thought forms from your intention will resonate at the correct vibration to help activate your grid.

After this, Take a moment to sit with your intention and to use all your senses to feel it to be ‘true’. This is also called programming. As we want the crystal grid to read and understand the program. After a few minutes, let go of the wand and let the grids energy take over. The energy around your grid will continue to communicate your intentions around the grid and into the universe.

I usually suggest to recharge your grid when you intuitively feel it needs it. If a crystal get’s knocked off or if it just needs a boost of energy, you can reset the intention or give it a new one.

Sitting with your grid everyday for at least 20 minutes is ideal, but if time is an issue- 20 minutes once a week will suffice.

I usually leave my grid active until my spiritual work is complete or the intention has manifested. Special grids related to global issues or world peace, I keep active. Go with your intuition, there is no wrong way.

Remember to “thank” your grid, angels, higher self and all other’s in a closing prayer.

Step by Step

1. Find a template
2. Choose your master crystal
3. Choose your grid crystals
4. Choose your clear quartz for outer circle
5. Choose your wand
6. Cleanse crystals
7. Find grid location
8. Meditate, relax 5 mins
9. Place the master crystal
10. Under the master place word, photo etc
11. Place the crystals
12. Place the outer crystal
13. Hold the wand
14. Say your affirmation /intention
15. Feel the intention.

Do you want to Learn how to make a crystal grid? Or just learn different Holistic and Spiritual Practices?



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