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It is no surprise with how quickly the world is spiritually evolving, that the people on the earth are growing more and more sensitive. The Mayans forewarned us about- “The End of the World” and the turbulent shifts that would take place in the changing of humanities consciousness. Unfortunately, the Mayans message was taken literally, so when the end of the world didn’t happen– the notion of a spiritual evolution was lost in translation and forgotten about.

The truth is humanity has come to a point within it’s evolution where the majority of individuals are educated and schooled more from an ego and physical perspective. Meaning, they know how technology works, and how to utilize science to make existence more comfortable and extend life- but, they do not know who they are from a spiritual perspective and haven’t been educated on how to heal spiritually. Learning to heal yourself psychologically/spiritually allows individuals to not only extend their life but experience a better quality of life. Empathy is a spiritual gift that aids in the fruition of “Heaven on Earth”. Only through the evolution of mans consciousness can we truly and fully embody this spiritual truth.

It is important to know that sensitivity is not the same as being an empath. Sensitive individuals are sensitive to environmental stimuli and tend to have allergies like empaths. Most sensitives can also feel other peoples emotions, but unlike empaths their isn’t a desire to do anything with the psychic information they receive. There isn’t a need to be of service or help in any way.

Sensitivity is not only inherited but can be caused from an individuals environment. Epigenetics, the new science proves that individuals who have been overstimulated emotionally, physically, mentally and/or spiritually are unconsciously conditioned through their environment to be more sensitive and individuals who have suffered from psychic trauma tend to have the most psychic sensitivity.

An Empath is a person who has an intuitive style of receiving psychic energy. They are able to feel other peoples, animals, and planets energy. Many untrained empaths have trouble distinguishing someone else’s physical and/or emotional aliments from their own.

There are five different types of Empaths. Many empaths don’t fall under just one empath category. It is very possible to have aspects of all 5 Empath styles, there is no standard.

1. The emotional empath picks up the emotions of others -and it is difficult for them to differentiate who’s emotion is who’s.

2. The animal empath is able to pick up emotions and feelings of animals. Some animal empaths connect better with one type of animal such as dogs or cats, while others connect with all animals.

3. The global empath picks up on the emotions of (mass consciousness). They feel the primary emotion most people on the planet are experiencing, even though they are not emotionally invested or connected to the feelings of mass consciousness.

4. The physical empath is an individual that picks up other peoples aliments and sicknesses. In my opinion it is the least desirable type of empath. No one likes to feel other people’s physical pain.

5. The last Empath category is the Earth Empath. The Earth Empath is an individual that can feel the energy the earth gives off. They are able to read the stresses in the earth which manifest as tsunamis, earth quakes, and turbulent weather patterns- before they manifest in the physical realm.

All Empaths are able to read energy through their “heart field”. The heart field is made up of an electromagnetic energy which surrounds the heart, it is stronger and wiser than the electromagnetic energy surrounding the brain. All individuals have skin cell receptors that take in energy, Empaths are able to translate the energy they receive through the electromagnetic center surrounding the heart.

Many Empaths and sensitives struggle with how they are wired to be open, like a psychic receiver. There are many tools Empaths can utilize to tune out energy. Below I have listed some strategies and techniques to help Empaths and Sensitives stay grounded and centered.

1. Meditation and visualization. Meditation and creativity accesses the psychic/astral and spiritual realm. Our chakras are our connection to the spirit body. Being able to control how much energy a chakra receives allows an empath to create balance before they become physically, mentally, or emotionally over stimulated.

2. It is imperative that all Empaths stay in touch with their internal knowing and that they release any judgement, emotion, or sensation otherwise they can not let go, move forward, or forgive. They stay spiritually blocked and stuck.

3. Honor the process. Remember to breathe- not just to reset your nervous system, ground and center but to gain more of an energetic presence. You obtain more of an energetic presence by doing body mind medicine, energy psychology and/or energy medicine. An energy medicine healing technique I like to use is the “Zip Up” method. This is where you visualize zipping yourself up starting from the pubic bone to under your chin (the central meridian field). Visualize while doing the motion of zipping yourself up three times -consecutively.

4. Empaths and sensitives need to remember they aren’t going to be able to please everyone. They need to be true to themselves, so the right people and situations are attracted into their life.

5.  It is important to remember that no one can enter our inner kingdom without an invitation. Where we choose to invest our time consciously as well as unconsciously is how big of an invitation we are extending.

6.  Ignore the energy vampire.

7. Know the Spiritual Law of Exchange. The Energy we give out is what comes to us if we want to create meaningful and positive change where there is imbalance– we need to change our focus. Direct your focus on what you want to happen instead of what you are afraid will happen.

8 .Take time out in nature to purify your internal landscape. Our internal landscape is what determines what we radiate out. Take responsibility for your feelings and emotions by not avoiding and detaching from them. Work through them.

9.  Be more interactive in Life. Putting yourself in all different situations allows individual to see themselves differently. If our perception of ourselves is limited or defective we begin to live out of alignment with the deity part of self and our true potentiality. This leads to imbalances in body, mind, and spirit.

If you are an Empath and Sensitive and you are looking to learn more about your psychic trait or you want to learn how to utilize your trait to help manifest the life and life experiences you want to have. Check out my Empaths and Sensitives Group that meets once a month- by going to Looking for an on line club find my group on face book through the empaths and sensitives group on face book.

Laura Schwalm also offers one on one coaching, psychic readings and spiritual healing. To read more about events Laura participates in,Holistic and Spiritual blogs Laura has written, read Laura’s testimonials and services she offers or hear archived radio shows please go to






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