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As energy beings we tend to pick up and absorb energy, either from our environment or the people in our environment. In order to stay clear, centered, and balanced we need to be able to discharge and release negative energy.

We absorb psychic energy not only from people and things in our environment, but also internally. Freud was one of the first psychologist that studied the theory that psychic energy becomes displaced onto our events, ideas, and our physical body. Psychic energy is suppressed energy in the form of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we have detached from.

The first step to discharging psychic energy is to do something physical. Psychic energy is product of astral energy, so by doing something physical we are able to detach from the relentless mind chatter. Doing physical activities like working out, hiking, biking or swimming, forces old, stagnant energy out of our body and puts fresh oxygen into our system. Exercise also feeds and stimulates cells and organ tissue with nutrients and oxygen from the blood. This is the quickest and most effective way to release toxic psychic energy.

Individuals, like myself, that work in the psychic realms need to incorporate weekly sea salt baths into their clearing regiments to clear out excess energies. Psychic energy which isn’t discharged or cleared builds up and is unconsciously channeled out as unconscious sabotaging behavior patterns. These unconscious behaviors lead to undesirable life experiences.

Listening to music, changing your environment, reading spiritual material, and watching a funny movie are all simple yet effective ways of clearing energy. Below, I have listed ways to discharge psychic energy. I explain how the body discharges psychic energy and what healing modalities assist in manipulating and clearing energy. It is best to experiment with all the suggestions listed below because we are all unique in what works for us individually.

How To Discharge Psychic Energy:

• Refuse to accept pain. Choose to keep your focus on things which support and help you grow. Do not focus on things that deplete or drain you.

• Learn to observe instead of react. Train your body not to react to  people or situations with the breath. Yoga is a practice that trains the nervous system to not react.  In the breath we have time to think and access divine guidance.

• Filter and shield with visualization techniques. Visualization is a powerful psychic protection tool.

• Raise your vibration. Be around people and things which make you feel good. The fastest way to raise your vibration is to volunteer. Volunteering is a way we give of love which is of God. It helps open and expand the heart center which, automatically raises our vibration.

• Send it to the earth. Ground the energy.

• Work with healing energies such as Reiki, crystals, energy psychology and other spiritual healing modalities

Our physical body releases and discharges energy by:

• Crying
• Yawning
• Trembling
• Muscle Twitching
• Sweating
• Tingling
• Rapid Eye Movement
• Shaking
• Laughing
• Sighing
• Curled Toes
• Flushed Skin

Modalities, rituals, and exercises to clear, heal, balance, and protect:

1. Crystals/ Stones
2. Visualization
3. Repair Aura
4. Oils
5. Salt lamps / Salt Baths
6. Integrate emotions
7. Hands on energy healing
8. Make sure your three psychic centers (the heart, head, and gut) are balanced and functioning properly
9. Acupuncture, Acupressure                                                                                                        10. Sage, smudge sticks                                                                                                                  11.Tuning Forks                                                                                                                               12.Body-mind work                                                                                                13.Protection, center, and ground

Laura Schwalm is a Master Psychic Healer who offers Holistic and Spiritual services to help individuals create overall wellness. To read more about Laura Schwalm and the services she offers go to



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