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There are so many books and information about the Law of Attraction it easy to get overwhelmed!  So, I decided to sift through, and extract important rules and guidelines for working with the Law of Attraction.

There is a difference between reality and actuality. Reality, is the outer appearance that is perceived by the senses. Actuality, is the true nature of a thing within the universe. Our senses only perceive a small fraction of the world in which we live. Reality is the illusion that will dissolve  when the mind awakens to the true nature of the Universe.

Knowing the true power that lies within, nothing is impossible. The only stumbling block to performing every conceivable miracle is the lack of knowing or believing that all things are possible. Moving mountains, ending poverty, achieving world peace and more are all possible if one works within the guidelines of the Law of Attraction.

Nothing outside of you, nothing outside of your reality, can hurt you. Know that you do not have to wait months to manifest.  It is important when working with the Law of Attraction to not judge appearance, do not rely upon the senses to give you a true understanding of the world. Look within to discover the true nature about the world in which you live. All things are possible if you see with the inner vision. Recognized God as the advancing presence in you as well as nature, society, and your fellow man. Harmonizing yourself with all of these energies will activate the God center in you.  The law of “identifying’’ tells us we are already one with God. It is God that works in you and through you to manifest with the universe. Realize that all of your needs and desires have already been met—the fields are ripe for harvest NOW.

The guidelines as followed:

  • Your mindset must be free and clear of judgments concerning your world. A judgment is a final decision and whatever you are convinced of in your mind will manifest in your world.
  • Change your mind about the nature of the world and know that the kingdom of heaven is here now, in each of you.
  • Let the inner light of your true nature be manifest within the world.
  • Remember, you are as perfect as the Universe.
  • Take no concern for the basic necessities of life, they have been provided. See the abundance that is freely given to all. The Universe knows your needs and has provided accordingly.
  • In order to attract what  you desire, you must find that part of you, the kingdom within, that has no doubts, that knows that all of your desires are given.
  • Everything in your life is a result of your thoughts and intentions. This is The Law of Responsibility. Denial of this fact may close doors that lead to the kingdom within.
  • Do not expect to manifest your desires if your mind set is one that believes in lack and scarcity in the Universe. If you are not convinced within, you will not alter what you perceive to be without.
  • Thinking you know it all does not work if you have only information but little inner conviction.  If you want to know how you really think and feel merely examine your life. The fruits that you see are your own thoughts made manifest.
  • Once you establish an inner conviction that the laws work, you become a magnet of positive energy. To him that has, more is give. This is The Law of Attraction.
  • Beware of the beliefs and ideas that you allow to enter your mind. Eliminate  fears, they attract what you least desire.
  • The field of harvest is in our minds. When you try to alter your entire belief system does not be surprised if your negative thoughts try to strike back and re-take control of your life.
  • Contrary to appearance and belief, there is literally nothing outside of you that can harm you. It is only what you express from the depths of your thoughts, emotions, and intentions and words that can have a negative impact on your life.
  • Nothing is impossible.
  • There is no separation between you, God, Jesus, and the entire Universe.
  • Ask, know (believe), receive, give thanks and share.
  • The path to the kingdom is through the inner self and not through any person. You can only change yourself, not others.




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