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All Empaths are Highly Sensitive, but not all Highly Sensitive People are Empaths. Both have sensitive nervous systems, where they are sensitive to internal and external stimuli. The difference between the Empath and HSP is; the Empath is open and has an internal want, need, and desire to do something with the information they receive. One can say that Empaths are born with innate healing capabilities because they are sensitive to feeling energy. The HSP empath is not always open to receiving and doesn’t know what to do with the information they receive.

Physics tells us that everything in the world is made up of energy. Human beings are made up of  physical energy and psychic energy which is astral and emotional energy. Psychic energy is created from ones beliefs. Our beliefs give us a framework that helps us understand and interpret our experiences.

Pleasant and unpleasant experiences reflect our core beliefs through our entire lives unless we consciously change the belief and recondition the automatic behavior patterns. Automatic behavior patterns are unconsciously created to cope  with the imbalanced belief.

Our belief systems are created, and many of our beliefs are formed in childhood. Beliefs can be shaped by family, peers, society, our environment, and the media.  A belief is assuming something to be true because it is usually based on both past experiences and perceptions.

Healing limiting beliefs starts by looking for statements of significance. These are statements, judgements, and opinions which you or someone else made that cause your emotions to bubble up. Many of our limited beliefs are around money, relationships, and self worth. Let your thoughts and feelings be your guide. Also, be sure to take note on which stories, feelings, and thoughts keep resurfacing?

Like with any goal, problem, or challenge look at them as learning experiences and look at the experience with respect to your goal. In order to manifest the life experiences you desire, your beliefs must be congruent with the outcomes you seek. So, incorporating ‘action rituals’ such as movement, breath and supporting lifestyle habits are helpful in conditioning the body, mind, and spirit into the desired intention.

Anyone looking to achieve optimal results in healing must have self love and a sense of deserving. Negative core beliefs are held in place with unconscious beliefs of being unworthy and not deserving. Self love allows us to surrender so acceptance can increase.

Empaths and other energy healers transmute the physical effects of core beliefs which create negative emotions, because empaths know that emotions have a direct effect on the physical body and how it functions. Fear based emotions such as; anger, anxiety, and fear stimulate and release chemicals triggered by the nervous system. It is important to note, that one should identify their core beliefs before trying to handle their emotions, because the negative emotions come from the imbalanced belief.

Our emotions are found in the same area of the brain as the Limbic system. Neurological pathways carry emotional information back and fourth between the brain and body. Psychological and Spiritual blocks which are caused from trauma cause detachment from the body. Behaviorism’s caused from detachment can condition the autonomic nervous system which leads to physical illness and imbalance.

The goal of spiritual healing and energy healing is to create spiritual equilibrium. Spiritual equilibrium is a state of balance between two opposing forces. Spiritual equilibrium is obtained when we surrender to what is. This is usually obtained by seeing the blocked perception differently through a psychic reading or spiritual advising and energy healing. Also, a lifestyle shift is usually always followed to recondition the body of sabotaging behaviorism’s.

Spiritual healing is imperative for humanity to evolve. We are a society that has lived from the survival mind, also known as the reptilian and subconscious mind. This part of the mind is made up of half truths manifested from limited and distorted information based on past experiences or perceived experiences. This has caused an epidemic of fearful thinking and selfish motives that lead to goals with no direction. This way of thinking locks us into a reptilian way of living, and further away from our innate truth, which holds all the answers in which we seek.

Five steps to reconditioning the reptilian mind:

1. Be proactive instead of thinking what might happen. Many people freeze and get overstimulated trying to figure out how they are going to achieve a goal. By trying different things which have been sought out to be in alinement with ones goals we are more likely to receive divine guidance and see synchronicities that intuitively lead you along your path.

2. Be sure to sort out objective facts from fearful fiction.

3. How successful we are from living in a heart based consciousness and shifting out of the reptilian mind depends on how proactive one is in the creative process.

4. Continue to pay attention to the direction and progression of your thoughts.

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