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The basic principals of healing:

The need of the Soul is to grow and express itself freely. The need of the mind is to feel secure and in control and the need of the body is to be loved.

The power of the soul can heal, prevent illness, rejuvenate, prolong, transform and transcend every aspect of an individuals life. There is a strong correlation between emotional well being, excellent physical health, and your emotional state they are all foundations needed  for working successfully with the Law of Attraction and its principles.  In short, the truth is in order to manifest successfully one needs to become whole and healed, and integrate their Shadow aspects into their being.

The most effective and powerful way to change your life is to begin with your awareness. Every situation looks differently to different people. Breaking down aspects of awareness which feed the problem helps diffuse emotional triggers. While questioning your perception gives distance and distance brings objectivity.

Our beliefs are not held on the surface of our consciousness. When we react to a perception, situation or challenge by being defensive, with anger or stubbornness, a core belief has been touched. Becoming aware of expectations can also diffuse emotional triggers. Understanding expectations are linked to desires and fears.

Owning our feelings instead of blaming them on others is a sign of expanded awareness. The stage which goes beyond conflict.
Shadow work is the process of exploring your inner darkness, your unconscious mind, hence shadow self.” Your Shadow Self – is a part of your unconscious mind and is built up of everything you feel ashamed of thinking and feeling, as well as every impulse, repressed idea, desire, fear and phobia that we have consciously or unconsciously become detached and disassociated from. Shadow work, is the attempt to uncover everything that we have disowned and rejected. Revealing to ourselves what we have hidden, we become free from recycled  emotions of anger, guilt, shame, disgust and grief and the burdened of the karmic problems that go along with them.

The moment you emotionally react to something is the moment you have given that thing power over you. Only that which doesn’t stir up emotions in us is not important to us. So, in short what we Give Power to Has Power Over us and what we place importance in – whether good or bad – says a lot about us.

Emotions are just energy in motion and all emotions hold valuable information!
Negative emotions are portals into the shadow. They help us illuminate the location of our spiritual wounds so we can better examine them.
When you feel an emotion, ask yourself:
What am I feeling?
Why am I feeling this?
Stop, breathe and wait for answers. They may not come right away, and that’s o.k.

Steps To Identifying Your Shadow Self

The shadow, by nature, is subconscious.The first step to becoming aware of shadow aspects of self is to become aware of ongoing patterns in your life. Do you consistently encounter the same problems or experience recurring feelings? These patterns help to highlight the shadow.
Common shadow beliefs and karmic themes  include:

I am not good enough.
I am shameful
I am not enough
I am not lovable.
I am defective.
I am not enough
My feelings are not valid.

How we meet our problems is the key to overcoming them. All problems should be understood from a spiritual perspective. Meaning, all problems are created for our own awareness and healing. Their main objective is to help us evolve into Christ consciousness.

It is not always easy to have compassion when exploring our shadow but it is imperative to fully heal. Creating daily spiritual rituals can help integrate shadow aspects  and accelerate healing. Such as writing in a journal daily. Writing is a powerful way to become clear about feelings and sort out what ones emotional needs are.

Calming the mind and meditating regularly also brings new insights about why we feel certain ways.

Nurture your inner child
Cultivate Spiritual equilibrium by accepting the situation and create healthier core beliefs with daily goal setting, healing affirmations, prayer and spiritual healing rituals.

The key is to be open minded and have the courage and willingness to observe all feelings and emotions– whatever riles, shocks, infuriates, disturbs and terrifies you, are clues which will lead you to the unconscious shadow aspects of yourself. See what you respond to and listen to what your Shadow is trying to teach you.

On the flip side, spiritual wounds healed turn into spiritual gifts. By creating new perceptions and expanded consciousness we are able to see solutions based on their  spiritual significance. As we cease our projections and befriend our shadows, the Unconscious can become a source of great creativity, intuitive insight, unexpected genius and spontaneous heart based action without the obstacle of forethought and self-consciousness.



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