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Using the Law of Attraction

First , ask yourself? What Is Blocking Me From Attaining What I Want?

Answer this question and try to find the cause for your slow progress in attracting your prospects. This will bring about a change in you; this change will help you reason out the causes. Then analyze the causes one by one if you feel that there are many reasons.

How Can I Attract What I Want?

characteristics and lifestyle which help develop yourself and attract what you want. Knowing your habits, characteristics and lifestyle that require a change, then start working on them immediately. You have to be willing to give up certain things in order to attract what you want.

Figure out what things you are willing to “let go” of. Focusing is the most important step in manifesting. Everyone has hundreds of thoughts in minutes. Scatters thoughts make n focusing on one subject continuously impossible. The law of attraction is determined by the strength of firm focus and intention applied with a clear image.

The skill of attracting doesn’t happen over night. It takes daily practice along with other techniques to manifest. Most people have an unrealistic expectation of how fast it takes to manifest.

Below are 7 steps, to easy manifesting

1. Recognize The Attraction Factor. Like goes to Like. Become what you want. Make Your Goals Clear: Set goals that are timely, specific and measurable. They have to be attainable and realistic.

2. Visualization: You have to spend at least 10 minutes every day in the morning visualizing or evening (before bed). Visualize all the details. The people, places and things.

3. Act: Take action to achieve your goals. You cannot wait for the law to act by only visualizing. Maintain The Attraction: Envision your goals and maintain positive thoughts and feelings daily. Being consistent is the key main ingredient for manifesting.

4.Share It: Share your goals with those who will support you to attain your desire.

5. Raise your Vibration By being Grounded And Open To Receive Divine Guidance Imagine the end result, Be grounded and open to receiving intuitive guidance.

6. Be Glad Without Having It Yet. Have gratitude.

7. Believe And Yield: Trust in a higher power

8. Be Clear and Know The Reason For Wanting to Manifest. Research Your Reasons: The more gains and causes you can visualize in detail, the more you will demonstrate your desire. Make Small Steps: Any step that you take forward gets you closer to what you want. Determined actions contribute for results.

9. Seek Exert Advice.  Success is the fruition of a suitable idea from everyone especially those who have already found success.

10. Know you deserve what you need. Discover and reject any limiting beliefs. Recall that you can potently produce what you want. Earn More By Visualizing Your Success Visualize Your Goals


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