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Turmeric is said to be good for the heart, brain, digestive system and overall health. It is one of the only herbs that inhibits free radical damage of fats, including cholesterol. High cholesterol oxidizes and damages blood vessels which eventually leads to heart attack and stroke.Turmeric also contains vitamin B6. Therefore, individuals who suffer from high cholesterol and  high blood pressure should incorporate Turmeric into their daily diet regiment.

Turmeric is a natural cholagogue, a medicinal agent that promotes the discharge of bile. Increased bile flow helps the liver to detoxify and help’s the body to digest fat. Turmeric has been shown in recent studies, to be a highly protective against neurodegenerative diseases, in fact, in some countries like India and China where turmeric is ingested daily Alzheimer’s disease is low.

Scientists who have studied turmeric have proven that it can protect against toxic and harmful chemicals, and in doing so protects children from developing childhood leukemia.

Turmeric’s volatile oils have an external anti-bacterial action,  it has been used to prevent bacterial wound infections and accelerates healing. Though, healing doesn’t end there. Evidence suggests that the spice is also beneficial for:

*Cystic Fibrosis

*Type two diabetes

*Crohn’s disease


*Rheumatoid arthritis

* Cataracts

* Gallstones

*Muscle generation

*Inflammatory Bowel disease

Some of the reasons Turmeric is able to combat such physical imbalances are:

1. Turmeric inhibits the toxicity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, (cancer- causing chemicals in the environment).

2. It prevents radiation-induced chromosome damage.

3. Irreversibly inhibit the multiplication of leukemia within the cells.

4. Prevents harmful heterocyclic amines and nitroso compounds, which may result in the body when eating processed meat products.

5. Inhibits synthesis of protein thought to be one of the causes of tumor formation.

6. Prevents the development of additional blood supply necessary for cancer cell growth.

The type of Turmeric which is the most easily used in cooking. A pure turmeric powder, rather than curry powder because curry powder tends to contain very little curcumin, compared to turmeric powder. Turmeric is also available in supplements that make it convenient to use daily.

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