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The Law of Integrity and Good Moral Character

The word integrity stems from the Latin word integritas, which means whole and complete.  When one acts with integrity they are acting from their higher self. To live in alignment with The Law of Integrity is to live by one’s truth and to avoid what is considered unethical, illegal, and immoral. It is, by definition, to be one’s authentic, and whole self, despite fears and regardless of who is watching.

The Cosmic Law of Integrity asks us to acknowledge our weaknesses and to understand our inner values, motives, and  desires until we are able to accept who we are and draw on our inner strengths to live in alignment with God.

There are four spiritual truths about integrity:

1) Everything we say, feel, think, and do reflects our integrity.

2) The essence of spiritual integrity and spiritual power is about direct experience.

3) The practice of spiritual integrity is through our daily habits and what we inherit from our ancestors and environment.

4) Every man has free will to choose to have integrity or not; living consciously allows us to choose wisely.

Integrity is a concept of consistency of ethics in our  actions, values, principles, and expectations. Integrity is regarded as honesty and truthfulness, which brings accuracy in one’s actions. Learning to stand in our Integrity invokes healing and the evolution process.


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