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Meditation as Medication by Master Psychic Healer Laura Schwalm
Some of the earliest written records of meditation has been around since 1500 BCE, but as the world became more and more modernized and technology had evolved we have forgotten one of the oldest practices which help us achieve life mastery
As the world evolves our physical biology has become compromised due to stress.
Stress causes imbalances on every levels of our being, the body, mind, and spirit. On a physical level, stress causes everything from hormone imbalances and adrenal fatigue to heart disease, digestive problems and sleep disorders.
Stress is a normal physical response to events which make an individuals  sense of survival,safety and/or well being  feel threatened. The stress response, otherwise known as “fight, flight, or freeze” is the body’s way of protecting itself. When working properly, it helps us stay focused, energetic, an alert in emergency situations. The adrenalin rush gives us extra strength to rise to challenges as well as defend ourselves from danger.
Anxiety and fear is a psychological arousal combined with the belief of being threatened. Anxiety exacerbates many other body, mind, and spirit disorders and imbalances. Weather the cause of anxiety is real, imagined or exaggerated, either way the body becomes over stimulated and a series of physiological changes occur, triggering our innate emergency response
There are two ways which science and neuroscience has found to cope with stress successfully. Emotional-focused and problem-focused. Meditation allows us the ability to heal by using both these methods, because meditation allows us to moderate the intensity of emotional arousal, making it possible to think before reacting.
Symptoms of stress happen on cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioral level.
On a cognitive level, individuals experience everything from memory problems, inability to concentrate, poor judgement, constantly worry and have anxious or racing thoughts due to conditioning themselves to only see negative.
On an emotional level, stress affects mood, where there is an inability to relax. Individuals can feel either agitated,overwhelmed, depressed or have a sense of feeling lonely and isolated.
Physical symptoms are digestion and immune disorders, such as constipation and diarrhea, frequent colds and aches and pains. Individuals have also been known to  experience  periods of nausea and dizziness, chest pain and rapid heart beat.
Stress has also been linked to addictions and behavior disorders such as eating disorders, alcoholism, drug addiction,  and the use of cigarettes. Nervous habits such as nail biting procrastinating and neglecting ones responsibilities  are also manifestations of stress.
While addictions are a biological base disease like heart disease or diabetes, it can be tackled with daily spiritual solutions ,such as meditation.
As our lives become more and more complex, individuals are turning within themselves rather than the outside world to find solutions to their life challenges. Weather we are dealing with difficult emotions, the chatter of the mind, health problems or any type of loss  there is a common source to our suffering. The misperceptions of self and the ephemeral outside world which causes stress.
Meditation allows us to see different perspectives which provide an understanding of the ups and downs and the slings and arrows of fate, allowing individuals to see events in a larger and more intelligible way. This allows individuals to avoid a victimized mentality and to view the world in a more balanced point of view.
There are many forms of traditional meditation such as mindfulness meditation, spiritual meditation, focused meditation, movement meditation and mantra meditation. Mindful meditation, is about being aware of the sounds, smells and activities happening around you. It is where you allow your mind to become fluid and flow from one thought to another without focusing on one thing.
Spiritual meditation are for individuals who practice prayer and the focus is on God.
Focused meditation is where individuals focus on sound, mantras, objects and thoughts. This type of meditation is for anyone who gets stressed out from the thought of clearing the mind in order to meditate.
My favorite meditation is movement meditation. such as yoga. Moving meditation is relaxing  because you focus on your breathe and movement or poses.
Mantra meditation is where the sound of the word or mantra is focused on. An example of a mantra is chanting Om.
All meditation weather its one that is listed above or an individual form of meditation like painting, singing, drawing, playing an instrument or a walking meditation, the act is not only subjective, passive or an abstract and reflective state. It is a scientific process which requires positive effort which allows one to gain control over the mind.
When we are in the process of creating it is when we no longer are thinking of ourselves from an ego/survival standpoint. It is the moment, where there is no separation between self and the act of creation.
When we are in the process of creating, like meditation we are able to become the witness. Meditation leads us into the mysteries of the unknown, known as the unconscious mind.
Both meditation and creativity require a gradual process of surrender and letting go. Both  are  also practices of witnessing self from a non judgmental standpoint and allowing the self to be lead by the soul.
It is where the mind takes a backseat allowing for more focus, energy, and a sense of overall wellbeing.
Our creative expression is the power of god which flows through us allowing us to manifest our uniqueness in physical form. Like meditation the act of creating allows us to tune out mind chatter, become the witness to our unresolved issues and imbalances, and to integrate the experience.
To be in the practice of meditation allows individuals to the realm beyond the mind, which is our natural and therapeutic place of healing.
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Until next time “Be true to yourself” blessings,
namaste- love and light, Laura the voice of truth


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