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Like everything else in life there must be a strong foundation when building  something of substance, that will last. Many people who have suffered psychic trauma and other emotional and psychological traumas have a poor sense of character. Character is considered part of an individual’s foundation because it is developed  child hood and it is inherited from  families and ancestors.

An individuals character is what influences their actions. So what is character? Character is having a good sense of mental and moral qualities regardless of outside influences. Many people who lived in limitation or suffered from emotional or psychological trauma have a very poor sense of character because they were conditioned to live in limitation.

The first stage to healing is ‘’Purging and Purifying’’. This is when we become conscious of what we are taking in and what we are putting out into the universe. We begin to detox from anything that doesn’t support our highest good.

Detoxing and Nutrition  to support an individual  needs and body make up.

Spiritual practices like yoga and birthing breath to ground and balance the body and mind, and is a successful stress release and anxiety antidote.

Exercising physically and energetically increase Integrity and Morality which are the foundation to building character.

Experience emotions. When we cleanse ourselves of beliefs that aren’t in our highest good. This  teaches us to learn from our feelings and to integrate our emotions. It is important to note that the feelings that incubate or are explosively expressed inevitably turn into physical problems and imbalances.

Repressed emotions cause sickness and disease. Beliefs that repress and depressed, don’t serve our highest good, but subconsciously still can cause us to react and sabotage our own well being. In order to be cleared of any karmic residue some inner housecleaning is suggested. This is where you Identify your negative thinking. Follow these simple steps to successfully clear yourself of spiritual blocks.

1. Are you filtering, or automatically screening, out positive aspects? Are you personalizing or blaming yourself?

2. Do you catastrophizing or anticipating the worst? Or Polarizing? Focus on positive thinking.

3. Pay attention to your emotions. Your emotions are a way of checking yourself.

4. Do not have judgements of your thoughts or emotions.

5. Transform your thoughts by  finding the positive. Try humor.

Our character is what determines our own energy vibration as well as our life experiences. “As above is also below” The invisible inside eventually and inevitably reflects and projects outwardly. Our character is what influences our life and life experiences.

ALL men are made from one intelligent and therefore all men contain the same essential powers and possibilities. Greatness is equally inherent in all people. Man may overcome both heredity and circumstances by exercising good character  If he is to become great, the soul must act, and must rule the mind and the body as being great. Man’s knowledge is limited, he falls into error through ignorance; to avoid this he must connect his soul with cosmic laws.

The Cosmic laws teach us to activate the universal spirit . To do this a man must cast out of himself everything that separates him from God. He must will himself to live in the divine life, and he must rise above all moral temptations; he must abandon every course of action that is not in accordance with his highest ideals. He must reach the right viewpoint, and recognize that God is in all and is. He must consecrate himself to the service of the highest that is within himself, obeying the voice of his soul this is not accomplished without a good sense of character.

There is an Inner Light in every man that continuously impels him toward the highest. It is this light which guides him. He must recognize the fact that he is one with the God and the Universe, and consciously affirm this unity for himself and for all others.  He must have absolute faith in his own perceptions of truth, and begin at home to act upon these perceptions. He must  think; and be sincere in his thought and form a mental conception of himself at the highest, and hold this conception until it is his habitual thought-form of himself. This thought-form he must keep continuously in view and must outwardly  express that thought-form in his actions.

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